Understand a transformed region of the world

One of the most significant political phenomena of the twentieth century was the rise and ultimate fall of the Soviet Union. President Obama’s visit to Russia in July 2009 opened a new dialogue between the two world powers. In his speeches in Moscow, the American president not only addressed the Russian government but spoke directly to the Russian people. This visit marks the first step in reinvigorating American relations with Russia, to be followed by increased diplomatic, business, and cultural involvement between the two countries.

In the years ahead, there will be increasing demand for individuals with knowledge of Russian language, history, and culture. The Russian program at F&M offers two minors, one in Russian language and literature, and the other in Russian studies.

Our program offers small class sizes with instruction in both English and Russian. Less than twenty years ago, traveling to Russia was complicated at best. Today, in keeping with F&M's strong international emphasis, our students are encouraged to spend a summer or a semester studying in Moscow, St. Petersburg, or one of Russia’s provincial cities. The program supports international travel with the summer Russell Russian Study Award and departmental summer travel grants.

Additional Course Information 

Study Abroad and Summer Awards

Students are encouraged to study abroad, usually in their junior year, choosing from a broad selection of programs approved by the International & Off-Campus Study Office. 

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Story 11/3/2017

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Lina Bernstein: Socrates Citation

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