• Associate Professor of Chemistry Scott Brewer is a 2015 Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar.
Professor of Chemistry



Office: HAC403

Office: HAC 403
Lab: ​HAC 401B


B.S. James Madison University, 1999
Ph.D. North Carolina State University, 2004
Los Alamos National Laboratory Director's Postdoctoral Fellow, 2005- 2007


My research focuses on the study of protein and nucleic acid structure with site-specificity utilizing a variety of spectroscopic methods including NMR and FTIR spectroscopy coupled with isotopic and/or chemical labels.

Grants & Awards


National Institute of Health R01 Award (R01GM051501-18A1) to Alexander MacKerell (PI, University of Maryland, Baltimore). Subaward to F&M (Edward Fenlon, Scott Brewer), 7/1/17-6/30/19.

Brewer, S. H. Exploring Protein Structure and Hydration with Spectroscopic Reporter Unnatural Amino Acids and Modified Nucleosides. Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (TH-15-009).

Brewer, S. H.; Fenlon E. E. Investigating Protein Hydration and Structure with Azide Probes. National Institutes of Health. National Institute of General Medical Sciences: Academic Research Enhancement Award (2R15GM093330-02), 9/30/14-8/31/17.

Brewer, S.H. Probing Protein Folding Using Site-Specifically Encoded Unnatural Amino Acids. National Science Foundation: CAREER (CHE-1053946), 1/1/11-12/31/15.

Brewer, S.H.; Fenlon E.E. Development and Application of Multi-Spectroscopic, Site-Specific (MS3) Probes of Nucleic Acid Structure. National Institutes of Health. National Institute of General Medical Sciences: Academic Research Enhancement Award (1R15GM093330-01), 6/1/10-5/31/14.

Brewer, S.H. Infrared Investigation of Short Helical Peptides with Residue Specificity. Research Corporation: Cottrell College Science Award, 1/1/08-1/1/10.

Brewer, S.H. Combined Experimental and Computational Vibrational Analysis of Short Helical Peptides with Residue Specificity. Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center,  8/14/07-8/15/08.


2000 - Present
(Undergraduate student coauthor are in bold.)

Maurici, N.; Savidge, N.; Lee, B. U.; Brewer, S. H.; Phillips-Piro, C. M. Crystal Structures of Green Fluorescent Protein with the Unnatural Amino Acid 4-Nitro-L-Phenylalanine. Acta Crystallographica F2018, F74, 650-655.

Kearney, C.; Olenginski, L. T., Hirn, T. D.; Fowler, G. D.; Tariq, D.; Brewer, S. H.; Phillips-Piro, C. M. Exploring Local Solvation Environments of a Heme Protein using the Spectroscopic Reporter 4-Cyano-L-phenylalanine. RSC Advances, 2018, 8, 13503-13512.

Schmitz, A. J.; Hogle, D. G.; Gai, X. S.; Fenlon, E. E.; Brewer, S. H.; Tucker, M. J. Two-Dimensional Infrared Study of Vibrational Coupling between Azide and Nitrile Reporters in a RNA Nucleoside. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2016, 120, 9387-9394.

Rodgers, J. M.; Zhang, W.; Bazewicz, C. G.; Chen, J.; Brewer, S. H.; Gai, F. Kinetic Isotope Effect Provides Insight into the Vibrational Relaxation Mechanism of Aromatic Molecules: Application to Cyano-phenylalanine. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters2016, 7, 1281-1287.

Levin, D. E.; Schmitz, A. J.; Hines, S. H.Hines, K. J.; Tucker, M. J.; Brewer, S. H.; Fenlon, E. E. Synthesis and Evaluation of the Sensitivity and Vibrational Lifetimes of Thiocyanate and Selenocyanate Infrared Reporters. RSC Advances 20166, 36231-36237

Dippel, A. B.; Olenginski, G. M.; Maurici, N.; Liskov, M. T.; Brewer, S. H.; Phillips-Piro, C. M. Probing the Effectiveness of Spectroscopic Reporter Unnatural Amino Acids: A Structural Study. Acta Crystallographica Section D2016, D72.

Tookmanian, E. M.; Phillips-Piro, C. M.; Fenlon, E. E.; Brewer, S. H. Azidoethoxyphenylalanine as a Vibrational Reporter and Click Chemistry Partner in Proteins. Chemistry – A European Journal2015, 21, 19096-19103.

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Vu, D. M.; Brewer, S.H.; Dyer, R.B. Early Turn Formation and Chain Collapse Drive Fast Folding of the Major Cold Shock Protein CspA of Escherichia coli. Biochemistry 2012, 51, 9104-9111.

Bazewicz, C. G.; Lipkin, J. S.; Smith, E. E.; Liskov, M. T.; Brewer, S. H. Expanding the Utility of 4-Cyano-L-Phenylalanine as a Vibrational Reporter of Protein Environments. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2012, 116, 10824-10831.

Brewer, S. H.; Tang, Y.; Vu, D. M.; Gnanakaran, S.; Raleigh, D. P.; Dyer, R. B. Temperature Dependence of Water Interactions with the Amide Carbonyls of alpha-Helices. Biochemistry 2012, 51, 5293-5299.

Bazewicz, C.G.; Lipkin, J.S.; Lozinak, K.A.; Watson, M.D.; Brewer, S. H. Synthesis of Isotopomers of N-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)-4-Cyano-L-Phenylalanine Methyl Ester: Choice of Cyanation Solvent. Tetrahedron Letters 2011, 52, 6865-6868.

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Tucker, M.J.; Gai, X.S.; Fenlon, E.E.; Brewer, S.H.; Hochstrasser, R.M. 2D IR Photon Echo of Azido-Probes for Biomolecular Dynamics. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2011, 13, 2237-2241.

Gillies, A.T.; Gai, X.S.; Buckwalter, B.L.; Fenlon, E.E.; Brewer, S.H. 15N NMR Studies of a Nitrile-Modified Nucleoside. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2010, 114, 17136-17141.

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Miyake-Stoner, S.J.; Miller, A.M.; Hammill, J.T.; Peeler, J.C.; Hess, K.R.; Mehl, R.A.; Brewer, S.H. Probing Protein Unfolding Using Site-Specifically Encoded Unnatural Amino Acids as FRET Donors with Tryptophan. Biochemistry 2009, 48, 5953-5962.

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Marecek, J.; Song, B.; Brewer, S.; Belyea, J.; Dyer, R. B.; Raleigh, D. P.  A Simple and Economical Method for the Production of 13C,18O-Labeled Fmoc-Amino Acids with High Levels of Enrichment: Applications to Isotope-Edited IR Studies of Proteins. Organic Letters 2007, 9, 4935-4937.

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Course Information

Dr. Brewer teaches the following courses:
    CHM 111 - General Chemistry I
    CHM 112 - General Chemistry II
    CHM 321 - Thermodynamics & Kinetics
    CHM 322 - Structure & Bonding

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