• secil_yilmaz
Assistant Professor of History



Office: STA306


Seçil Yılmaz is an assistant professor of history at Franklin and Marshall College. Yılmaz specializes in the social and political history of the Ottoman Empire and modern Middle East with a focus on gender, sexuality, and medicine. Her research concentrates on the social and political implications of syphilis in the late Ottoman Empire by tracing the questions of colonialism, modern governance, biopolitics, and gender. Her other projects include research on the relationship between religion, history of emotions, and contagious diseases in the late Ottoman Empire as well as history of reproductive health technologies and humanitarianism in the modern Middle East. She is currently revising her dissertation “Love in the Time of Syphilis: Medicine and Sex in the Ottoman Empire, 1860-1922” into a book manuscript. Before joining Franklin and Marshall College, she held Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Society for the Humanities (SHC) and Near Eastern Studies (NES) at Cornell University as a part of the SHC 2016 cohort on the theme of “Skin” and the SHC 2017 cohort on the theme of “Corruption.” Her research appeared in the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies and she is currently the co-curator of the podcast series on Women, Gender, and Sex in the Ottoman World at Ottoman History Podcast.


In Fall 2018, Yılmaz will be teaching “History of the Islamic World to the 18th Century” and “Women and Gender in the Middle East.”