Learning Objectives for Graduates 
Graduating majors in the Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind program will have a demonstrated capacity for critically integrating philosophical and psychological methods and analyses in cognitive science and moral psychology. This involves:
  1. acquiring a broad understanding of the content and methodology of both philosophy and psychology and of:  (a) the major theories in cognitive science or moral psychology; (b) how to construct and evaluate philosophical arguments and accounts; (c) how to formulate, test, and evaluate empirical theories by designing and conducting experiments and analyzing data; and (d) how to write and speak clearly within the style and expectations of both disciplines.
  2. acquiring a broad understanding of both the differences and interconnections between philosophy and psychology so that students can: (a) weave together ideas from one field and apply them to the other to reach a sensible/useful/productive balance in understanding of that field; and (b) use each discipline to evaluate the contributions of the other.
  3. being able to apply scientific and humanistic theories and methods to extend the reach of knowledge.