Squash  ACES

“We Are Squash A.C.E.S.”


Our Mission

Squash ACES encourages all participants to discover the best versions of themselves through mentoring relationships that inspire a deeper commitment to learning, healthy lifestyle choices, and civic engagement.

Located on the campus of Franklin & Marshall College and in partnership with the School District of Lancaster’s Reynolds Middle School and McCaskey High School, F&M Squash ACES presents a number of unique opportunities that set us apart from other after-school programs in the Lancaster community:

  • ACES is rooted in a long-term commitment. The students form lasting relationships with F&M student volunteers, ACES staff and one another.

  • ACES calls the beautiful F&M campus home. The students are exposed to and familiar with a college campus during formative education and goal-setting years.

  • ACES gives students the opportunity to learn and play the competitive racquet sport, squash.

We bring our mission to life by:

  • Inspiring a deeper commitment to learning

  • Promoting healthy lifestyle choice

  • Cultivating a sense of civic engagement


What Do Volunteers Do?

Squash ACES is strongly supported by students of Franklin & Marshall. Members of  both the F&M men and women’s Diplomat squash team provide on-court coaching support. Off-court academics are supported by F&M student volunteers. F&M students are able to further their interests in service and education, while becoming active members of the Lancaster community by working with participants in the program. ACES students span both middle and high school and F&M volunteers provide academic support, mentorship, and guidance in post-secondary planning.

Interested in Becoming an ACES Mentor?  

Here's what you need to know...
  • Volunteering with ACES is an on-campus service opportunity

  • The program meets each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:45-6:00 p.m.

  • Mentors must be able to make a semester long commitment to volunteer one or two days a week

  • Mentors also have the opportunity to participate in special Squash ACES activities including, field trips, bonding events, and community service projects

Check out our Facebook page and Instagram for updates and great pictures.

Here's what you need to do...

Mentor selection and training occurs at the beginning of each academic semester.


Squash A.C.E.S. Contact Information

Susan Walker, program director, the Ware Institute, (717) 358-4594

Gavin Jones, squash director (717) 358-3911


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"There's so much inspiration to be found in those driven, caring, wise pre-college educators whose life's work is to empower the young. I get to see these efforts—to walk with these change-makers—all across the country."

Check out the rest of Dr. Porterfield's article in Forbes entitled "Walking with Change-Makers: One College President's New Year's Resolution to see our featured shout out!    

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Story 4/6/2015

Emily Hirsch, Squash A.C.E.S. Volunteer

"Squash ACES is a wonderful program that allows F&M students to interact with students in the surrounding community; it is a means to get involved and make a meaningful difference" 

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