Honoring Chuck Taylor

  • Chuck Taylor, former head athletic trainer, at Homecoming in 2009.

To honor the legacy of longtime F&M Athletic Trainer Chuck Taylor, fundraising has commenced to recognize the head trainer’s office in Shadek Stadium.

Chuck Taylor started his career at Franklin & Marshall in 1955 as an athletic trainer, teacher of physical education and live-in dorm proctor.  In 1962, he was granted tenure and the following year he became an assistant professor of physical education.  From 1968 to 1971, he was also the head men’s basketball coach.  From 1971 to his retirement in 1991, he was the dean of athletic trainers in the middle atlantic region.



Taylor was highly regarded by his colleagues and was beloved among F&M athletes.  Stories abound about Chuck’s treatment of injuries -- his ability to diagnose injuries just by seeing them occur, his ability to improvise special pads and the healing power of cigar ashes sprinkled on a good tape job.

This recognition opportunity is valued at $25,000. The Head Trainer’s Office will be located on the Locker Room Level of Shadek Stadium.

To make a gift today please visit this page. Once there, please be sure to select “Other” from the drop-down menu, then scroll down and select “In Honor Of,” and list Chuck Taylor as the person being honored in the space provided.

For more information and recognition of Chuck Taylor at Shadek Stadium, please contact Katie Crowe Wood, director of athletic advancement, at 717-358-4834 or katie.wood@fandm.edu.