Honoring Coach Brooks 

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Franklin & Marshall broke ground last year on a new state-of-the-art stadium to anchor an expanding athletics complex adjacent to the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center. It’s an exciting time for the football program, as we will continue our long-standing traditions in our new home in October! The stadium and athletic complex will be one of the finest facilities in Division III athletics. It will help us recruit some of the best student-athletes in the nation. 

We need your help with an important project: honoring Coach Al Brooks.  

We feel it is an appropriate tribute to Coach Brooks and all he has meant to F&M football to raise $500,000 to name the locker room in his honor. How many of you recall winning countless games thanks to his outstanding game plans? Coach Brooks’ detailed preparation put all of his players in positions on the field to achieve better results than their abilities would have allowed without his coaching. His expectation that each of his players give nothing less than their best at all times helped them reach their potential individually and as a team.

More important than winning football games, Coach Brooks made his athletes tough players, excellent students, and engaging leaders who could successfully navigate the “highway of hard knocks” and make a difference after graduating from F&M. 

Coach Brooks was a mentor at a formative and impressionable time in his student-athletes' lives. He instilled and developed character traits in his players that have served them well as adults. 

Naming the locker room after Coach Brooks is a fitting way for all of his players to express their gratitude and appreciation for teaching them life’s lessons, being an outstanding mentor, and making a difference in their lives. Coach Brooks made them great football players, teammates, fathers, husbands and leaders. Dedicating the locker room to his legacy will honor his contributions to the F&M football tradition and family that mean so much to many.

Please join your fellow F&M football players in contributing to the Al Brooks Locker Room effort and consider a tax-deductible pledge that can be spread over as many as five years.  

Your contribution will recognize an influential coach for his profound impact on the F&M football tradition. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing all of you and your families at a game this fall, and to celebrating our first home game together in our new Diplodome in October!

For more information about the Al Brooks Locker Room at Shadek Stadium, please contact Katie Crowe Wood, director of athletic advancement, at 717-358-4834 or katie.wood@fandm.edu.

And to view a list of donors who have contributed to the Brooks Locker Room effort, please visit the donor list webpage