Honoring Coach Storck

  • Images from July 1963 Alumni Magazine annoucing George Storck as the new football coach. George Storck (left) talks with J. Shober Barr, retiring Director of Athletics; Chuck Winsor, new basketball coach; and Woody Sponaugle, former football coach who will become Director of Intercollegiate Athletics in September 1963.
  • coach storck

A look at an old playbook brings the memories flooding back. From practice field decorum ("No one is to sit or lie down on the football field at any time. Your resting position is on one knee or standing.") to personal grooming ("Each player shall have his hair cut regularly, regardless of any personal superstitions.") to word choice ("Swearing is prohibited. Offenders shall run to remind themselves of their weakness, and lack of vocabulary."), no detail was too small to be considered.

Coach Storck recruited players, guided them and coached them, and made them better people. His direction and tutelage ultimately made his Dipolmats good citizens, solid family men, successful leaders in their careers and much more. The man had a passion for his craft that energized players to perform at their best not only in football, but in their lives. There was no choice -- you performed. And that's a good thing. 



Coach contributed to making his players who they are today by pressing them to perform at their highest levels. To honor and memorialize Coach Storck, the coaching staffs, and F&M Football's legacy, fundraising has commenced for the naming rights to the Coach George Storck Lobby in the Stadium, a venue providing excellent visibility. This naming opportunity is valued at $100,000.

This a great opportunity to contribute as a team at whatever level is possible for each of you as individuals to see this through. Gifts at all levels are appreciated and will help the cause. Commitments may be paid over as many as five years.

For more information about the Coach George Storck Lobby at Shadek Stadium, please contact Katie Crowe Wood, director of athletic advancement, at 717-358-4834 or katie.wood@fandm.edu.