Franklin & Marshall College

Department of Earth and Environment

Geology 322, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Spring Semester, 2012

TEACHER:  Dr. Stan Mertzman

Office:  Hackman-121A

Office hours:  M, Th, F: Noon-3:00 PM; T, W, F: 10:00 – Noon; or by appointment.

Telephone:  At School: 291-3818; At Home: 295-1290



Course Text: Principles of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, 2nd edition by John Winter (2010)

Lab Texts: Petrography of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks by A. R. Philpotts (1989) + CD and

                    Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Rocks and Minerals

Several copies of Basalts and Phase Diagrams (BPD-1) by S. A. Morse are kept in P-111. Consult them for various assigned readings.

Please Note: If you do not already own a hand lens, please purchase one from Ms. Diane Kaydk before coming to lab on Tuesday January 17, 2012.

Class and Lab both convene in Hackman 111: Lab#1 begins on Tuesday January 17 starting at 1:30 PM.

Attendance Policy: Class participation is an important aspect of this class. You need to be in class to           participate so naturally I expect to see you in class virtually everyday.

Grading: 2 hour exams (15% each) + the final exam (20%) + class participation (10%) + 20% is the rock project and that includes an oral presentation + paper, and the last 20% of your final grade is the lab portion of course and that includes the two lab quizzes + weekly assignments.


Examination Schedule: Monday, February 20, 2012 and Friday, March 30, 2012.

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                                    CLASS SCHEDULE OF READINGS

The following syllabus lists the assigned lecture readings for each class meeting together with the appropriate pages in the textbook.  This material should be read prior to coming to the class meeting.

Date                                  Topic                                                             Pages

Jan. 18                               Fundamental concepts to petrology                pp. 2-22

Jan. 20                               Igneous rocks: class. and nomenclature          pp. 23-33

Date                                  Topic                                                             Pages


Jan. 23                               Textures of igneous rocks                               pp. 34-53

Jan. 25                               Igneous structures; Field relationships            pp. 54- 82

Jan. 27                               Chemical petrology: Majors and Minors         pp. 135-157; BPD-1, pp 1-16

Jan. 30                               Chemical petrology: Majors and Minors         pp. 135-157

Feb. 1                                Classifying igneous rocks by chemistry          p. 142, p.154, p. 251.

                                          [Also, see Appendix B, pp 686-692]              See CIPW norms in BPD-1 too.        

Feb. 3                                Chemical petrology: Trace + isotopes             pp. 158-182

Feb. 6                                Chemical petrology: Trace + isotopes             pp. 158-182    

Feb. 8                                Dr. Amy Hofmann, Lawrence Berkeley NL 

Feb. 10                              One and two component systems                   pp. 93–112; BPD-1, pp. 17–64                      

Feb. 13                              Fo-Di-An system; Di-An-Ab system              pp. 113-134; BPD-1, pp. 75-142

Feb. 15                              Three component systems continued              pp. 113-134; BPD-1, pp. 75-142       

Feb. 17                              Additional time for 3 component systems      pp. 113-134; BPD-1, pp. 75-142

Feb. 20                              EXAMINATION #1                                              

Feb. 22                              Mid-Ocean Ridge Volcanism                         pp. 244-269

Feb. 24                              MORB continued                                           pp. 244-269

Feb. 27                              Oceanic Intraplate Volcanism                         pp. 270-300    

Feb. 29                              OIB continued                                                pp. 270-300    

March 2                             Continental flood basalts                                pp. 301-322

March 5                             Subduction and island arcs                             pp. 323-351

March 7                             Subduction and continental arcs                     pp. 352-376    

March 9                             Montserrat’s andesite volcano

********** SPRING BREAK: 4:20 PM, March 9 until 8:00 AM, March 19, 2012  *************

March 19                           Cascade volcanic arc                                       Handout, pp. 361-365            

March 21                           Granites                                                           pp. 377-396                

March 23                           Granites                                                           pp. 377-396

March 26                           Continental Alkaline Rocks                            pp. 397-425

March 28                           Kimberlites                                                      pp. 425-435

March 30                           Hour Examination #2                               

April 2                               An introduction to metamorphism                  pp. 446-469

April 4                               Classifying metamorphic rocks                       pp. 470-476    

April 6                               Structures and textures of metamorphic rocks    pp. 477-517

Date                                  Topic                                                              Pages

April 9                               Structures and textures continued                  pp. 477-517

April 11                             ACF and AFM chemographic diagrams         pp. 518-536    

April 13                             Metamorphic facies (Mafic protolith)             pp. 537-557

April 16                             Metamorphic facies (Mafic protolith)             pp. 537-557                

April 18                             Metamorphic facies (Pelitic protolith)            pp. 607-634                

April 20                             Metamorphic facies (Pelitic protolith)            pp. 607-634

April 23                             Metamorphic facies (Calcareous protolith)     pp. 635-653    

April 25                             Metamorphic facies (Calcareous protolith)     pp. 635-653                            

************** Classes End @ 4:35 PM, Thursday, April 26, 2012  ****************************

Please Note: There is a final examination for this course that will be scheduled by the Registrar’s Office. It will be heavily focused on the last major topic of the course – metamorphism. The day and time for this exam should become known a week or two before Spring Break.


                                                                        LABORATORY SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

All labs meet in Hackman 111, beginning @ 1:30 PM. Be sure to bring your lab books and hand lens to the first lab period. Assigned readings are from the lab-book unless otherwise noted. Be aware that all the handouts pertaining to sample cutting and crushing as well as various x-ray analytical procedures are available through the department web site—access them directly either through my web page or that of the XRF laboratory.

Date                                  TYPE OF EXERCISE WE'LL BE DOING         Reading Assignment

                                          Review of optical mineralogy; introduction to         See Philpotts Lab book:

January 17                         intrusive igneous rocks; 1 thin section report  +         pp. 23-24, 25-83, 121-139     

                                          Interpretation in light of MgO – SiO2 phase              S&S for mineral ID                             diagram.                                                                                

January 24                         Extrusive igneous rocks; 2 thin section reports           See Philpotts Lab book:

                                                                                                                              pp. 23-24, 25-83, 114-121

                                                                                                                              S&S for mineral ID


January 31                         Begin Rock Project: sample selection,                      See Philpotts lab book:

                                          Hand sample and petrographic report for                   pp. 21-24

                                          Project sample; 1 thin section report                           S&S for mineral ID                                        


DATE                               TYPE OF EXERCISE WE'LL BE DOING         Reading Assignment


February 7                         Part 1: Rock Project: sample crushing + LOI             See Department web site     

                                          (Loss on ignition).                                                      

                                          Part 2: Basaltic rocks—Part 1                                     See BPD-1 pp. 1-16, 151-154

February 14                       Part 1: Rock Project: major element determination    See Department web site

                                          Part 2: Basaltic rocks – Part 2                                     See BPD-1 pp. 1-16, 151-154

February 21                       Part 1: Rock Project: FeO titration.                            See Department web site

                                          Part 2: Orogenic volcanic rocks                                  See section 16.5, pp. 332-334

February 28                       Part 1: Rock Project: trace element preparation          See Department web site     

                                          Part 2: Orogenic plutonic rocks                                  See section 17.4, pp.365-367             

March 6                             Part 1: Rock Project: Putting it all together                           

                                          Part 2: Mantle derived rocks                                       See Chapter 10 pp. 183-201  


********** SPRING BREAK: 4:20 PM, March 9 until 8:00 AM, March 19, 2012  *************


March 20                           Lab Exam #1: Hand samples, 2 thin sections   S&S for mineral ID


March 27                           Part 1: Rock Project: Still putting it all together!             See Philpotts Lab book    

                                          Part 2: Metamorphic hand samples, 1 thin section     pp. 25-92, and 159-166

April 3                               Part 1: Rock Project: Still putting it all together!             See Philpotts Lab book

                                          Part 2: Pelitic protolith at low to medium                     pp. 25-92, 159-166

                                                       metamorphic grade

April 10                             Part 1: Rock Project: Still putting it all together!             See Philpotts Lab book                 Part 2: Pelitic protolith at high metamorphic grade   pp. 25-92, 159-166       


April 17                             Rock Project Presentations (Lunch Provided)       Individual PowerPoint         

                                          Review for next week’s lab quiz.                               Presentations            

April 24                             Lab Exam#2: Hand samples, 2 thin sections     

Please Note: The first two chapters of Philpotts’s Petrography lab-book are a nice review of the basics of optical mineralogy. Know this material.  Chapter 3 (pp. 25-92) will prove essential for your lab work in this course. You are responsible for the mineral and formulas listed on pages 26 through 29. Use Simon & Schuster’s Guide to

Mineral identification for your work on hand samples and your project sample.