General Information

The Steinman College Center opened in the spring of 1976, and was dedicated in the fall of 1978 in honor of two local philanthropists, James Hale and John F. Steinman. The building was designed by M. Yamasaki, architect of the World Trade Towers in New York City.

Today, the Steinman College Center is a student run facility offering a wide variety of services, programs and opportunities to the entire Franklin & Marshall community. The College Center acts as the “living room” of the College, a place where students, faculty, professional staff and guests meet and share a variety of social, educational, cultural and recreational experiences. It is the unifying force on campus.


Campus Visitors

●      F&M will strictly limit visits from outside the campus community so as to help mitigate  health risks. Accordingly, all internal academic spaces, residential spaces, offices, and social and cultural spaces will be open only to FPS and students absent specific permission as described below.  In general, all visits not required for the operation of the College should be suspended and conducted remotely.

●      Visitors to indoor spaces on campus must be approved at a divisional level in advance and coordinated by an F&M host, sponsor, or contact. Visitors must agree to adhere to campus health protocols at all times during their visit, and are subject to specific screening protocols

●      External service contractors must coordinate with their campus contact in advance of their arrival on campus. All information regarding external service contractors  and their access to campus must be shared in advance of their visit with Facilities and Operations.

●      Given the proximity of the campus to public spaces, the external grounds of F&M remain open at present for the limited purpose of traveling through campus. However, all campus facilities (including the libraries, Phillips Museum and outdoor recreational spaces, with the exception of the Williamson track as described below) are closed to the public. Signage will remind the public that face coverings and other health protocols are required if passing through campus property.

●      Outdoor recreational spaces and fields, including the Williamson track and the Armstrong, Baker, and Race fields, remain open at present to visitors, subject to their strict compliance with the College’s health protocols and the principles of the F&M pledge.  Appropriate signage will remind visitors of those protocols, which may be enforced by the College’s Department of Public Safety.  Organizations wishing to utilize the track must be approved in advance by the Department of Athletics and Recreation.  Such approval will necessarily be limited.