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‘Why I Chose F&M’: Students and Young Alumni Look Back

Faculty mentorship. Small, discussion-based classes. Experiential learning. A diverse and inclusive community. Our students and recent alumni cite these reasons — and many others — when they reflect on why they chose to spend their undergraduate years at Franklin & Marshall College.

Here is what a few members of our community had to say when we asked them why F&M felt like the right college fit.

Current Students

“The small size of the school allows me to have a strong relationship with my professors and creates a great learning environment where I am one of sometimes just 10 students in a class.”

—Noah Fox ’24 

“It was honestly love at first sight. I had never felt so connected to a school. When I was walking the campus, I really did see myself here. I knew that I was going to thrive here.”

—Mia Gwirtzman ’24 

“At F&M, I developed a mind of exploration. No one is doing the same thing at the same time… that’s the beauty of a liberal arts education.”

—Elshaddai Muchuwa ’26 

“I chose F&M because I wanted to participate in undergraduate research. It was clear to me that F&M highly encourages students to engage with professors and develop problem-solving skills through research.”

—Sara Beqiraj ’25

“Franklin & Marshall College is not just a place for students. It's a place for protagonists. For students with a vision to create something new, to promote their passion through their ideas.”

—Menelaos Raptis ’26

“I was attracted to F&M’s location, small community-like life, and good connectivity to nearby big cities while allowing me to focus on my academics as well.”

—Aryaa Ogale ’24

“As a first-generation, low-income woman of color, financial stability was one of the most important factors when making my college decision. F&M allowed me to get the education I deserve at a price that I can afford.”

—Munahil Sultana ’24

Recent Alumni

“I was really drawn to the location. Having a school that is so central to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York City provided me with so many opportunities for both my education and my life after graduation.”

—Kendall Lipham ’23

“There’s definitely a leadership culture here. I think it comes naturally with the (type of) students that we have.”

—Danielle Sang ’18

“I wanted to go to a smaller school where I could develop a better working relationship with my professors and get the most out of my education.”

—Carter Stansel ’23

“Its smaller size meant I wouldn't be just another number in a huge lecture hall.”

—Nadya Ivanova ’23

“I wanted to attend a college that allowed me to be a part of a tight-knit community with diverse cultures and people from all over the world.”

—Vyas Agarwal ’23

“Immediately, I could tell that F&M would push me to grow as a person and as a student — and I was right. There is something so unique about F&M’s approach to learning.”

—Mary Sisler ’23

“The College House system was a really neat idea. The idea of trying to build little communities of learning really spoke to me more than any other school.”

—Paolo Caglioti ’21

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