Franklin & Marshall inspires in students of high promise and diverse backgrounds an enduring love for learning, and prepares them for lives of success and fulfillment. 

After decades of achievement, and almost a decade after developing our last strategic plan, the time has come for a new strategic plan that builds upon F&M’s capacity for change and innovation. We will unlock our potential, claim our name, and secure our place among the finest liberal arts colleges in the country.

F&M began the design and launch of a strategic planning process in fall 2019 and paused the process in March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We innovated rapidly when the coronavirus hit, and we did it well. Our pandemic response proved our capacity for change, while staying true to who we are. 

These experiences positioned us to reimagine what is possible for F&M as we resumed a robust, broadly inclusive, and expedited strategic planning process in spring 2021, culminating in a Strategic Plan approved by the Board of Trustees in March 2022.

Strategic planning in today’s higher education environment requires more than assuring the institution’s sustainability and survival; rather, we will explore opportunities to advance the mission and vision of our premier liberal arts education, establishing new ways to meet the needs of students, communities, and society. We will ensure F&M's ability to thrive.  

F&M's greatest assets are our people. Together, we will chart the future of an extraordinary College that is worthy of our highest aspirations.  

Project Timeline

Phase 1

October to December 2020:
  • Project Launch and Preliminary Interviews

January to March 2021:
  • Broad Community Engagement

  • Data and Information Synthesis and Preliminary Theme Development

  • Review of Findings, Analysis, and Themes

Apirl to May 2021:
  • Campus Strategic Planning Retreat: Determining Priorities, Goals, and Objectives

  • Draft Strategic Plan

Phase 2

June to December 2021:
  • Implementation Planning

  • Final Draft Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan

  • Presentation of Final Draft Strategic Plan to Community

  • Motion for Endorsement of Faculty 

March 2022:
  • Board of Trustees Approved the Strategic Plan

Phase 3

May 2022:
  • Formation of Strategic Plan Implementation Groups and Committee on Strategic Progress

Guiding Questions 

Questions such as these will frame discussions throughout the project:

  • What are the highest priority ideas, concerns, and issues that F&M should address during the strategic planning process?

  • What are the most distinctive qualities of F&M that should be preserved or enhanced?

  • How might F&M assess and respond to the crises of today (e.g., the COVID-19 pandemic, social justice and equity, climate change, divisive politics) as it designs its strategy?

  • How can F&M achieve true distinction among the residential liberal arts colleges that are able to adapt and thrive post-pandemic?

  • What should become true about F&M over the coming three to five years—in academic programs, research and scholarship, the student experience, graduate outcomes, institutional sustainability, etc.—that is not true today? 

Committees and Members 

List of Strategic Planning Committees

Several committees are contributing to the strategic plan implementation. The committees are made up of Franklin & Marshall College's faculty, professional staff and students.

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