The mission of the Student Accounts Office is to assist students in meeting their financial obligation to the College.  Our aim is to ensure the funds due the College are billed, deposited and reconciled timely and accurately and in a manner that is compliant with College policy and federal regulations.


The Student Accounts Office strives to represent the College in a professional and courteous manner at all times.  Our vision is to continue to develop and enhance our processes and automated systems so as to produce the highest quality service to our students.


  • We value our students and exemplify respect and civility in our communications with everyone we encounter.  

  • We value a culture of accountability and are people of integrity who are committed to doing the right thing.

  • We take personal ownership in helping find answers to questions and solutions to student account inquiries and with departments across campus.  

  • We value a spirit of teamwork and cooperation in helping students accomplish their financial obligations to the College.


Tuition and Fees, and Payment Information

Each student is charged, on a semester by semester basis, fees that cover tuition, room, board,  and other activities and events. Payment due dates and summer school fees are also indicated here.

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Online Payment and Billing (eBill)

Students may view and print their billing statements and make payments online. Parents/guardians may also have access to view and print the billing statement, make payments online and/or set up a payment plan after the student has set up authorized user access.  

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Ben's Bucks

The F&M Debit account, also known as Ben's Bucks, is an account into which funds can be deposited. These funds can be accessed with the F&M ID card to make purchases at specified locations.

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Authorized User Access to Student Accounts

The student account provides an up-to-date, detailed picture of the student tuition account activity for the current semester. Authorized user access allows a student to specify who can view billing statements, make payments online and/or set up a payment plan.  

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1098-T Reporting

You may receive a notice from F&M through the mail asking for the student’s SSN.  This request is for 1098-T reporting purposes.  The forms are distributed by January 31 each year to students who meet the IRS’ reporting requirements.  The 1098-T reports the amount paid or adjusted for tuition and related fees (not room/board) to the student for the calendar year.  It also reflects the amount of scholarships/grants awarded or adjusted to the student for the same tax year.  The College is required to report this information annually on each student who meets the IRS’ reporting requirements. If the scholarships/grants awarded in a calendar year are in excess of the qualified tuition and fees paid, a 1098-T form will not be issued. 

All 1098-T forms require a taxpayer identification number (TIN) or a social security number (SSN) and a W-9S form will be sent to each student’s permanent resident address requesting their TIN or SSN for this purpose.  Students failing to furnish their TIN/SSN to institutions required to file information returns on their behalf may be subject to penalties by the IRS.  The College must file a 1098-T form for the student, even if the student fails or refuses to provide a TIN/SSN. 

Note to International Students:   In general, reporting under Form 1098-T is not required for non-resident alien individuals, unless they request for the institution to report such information. Since, however, the College cannot determine residency of most international students, a 1098-T will be issued to all eligible internationally-designated students.