Welcome to the Student Employment Office at Franklin & Marshall College!  Student Employment is located within the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) on the lower level of Harwood Commons (building #14 on the campus map).  

Student employment has multiple benefits including:

  • Gaining valuable work experience

  • Exploring your interests

  • Contributing to the achievements of the College

  • Meeting new people in the F&M community

  • Earning  spending money for college

  • Experiencing the convenience of working on-campus

Information regarding securing student employment and completing paperwork, requesting employment verifications,  and more can be found within these pages. 

For F-1 international students, please visit the International Student Services web page for the most current information about working on-campus. 


Any student enrolled in at least 3 credits (full-time course load) per semester is eligible for an on-campus job.  During the academic year, student employees are permitted to hold up to two campus positions and earn a minimum of $8 an hour. The positions for which you can apply and when you are eligible to apply depends on your need-based aid package.   Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions about your aid package.

Students who have Federal Work Study or College Work Option on their Financial Aid package are eligible for need-based employment and may apply for any position they are otherwise eligible for on campus. The vast majority of positions are not allowed to offer you more than 10 hours a week (and the exact number of hours varies significantly between positions). Students may not apply for a second job until after October 1st of each fall semester.  If a student does acquire two positions, he or she is not allowed to work more than 15 hours a week or 30 hours in a pay period.  Please note: Students are not guaranteed an employment position even if offered Federal Work Study or College Work Option.  In addition, there are a limited number of positions on campus and not all students will be able to acquire two positions on campus.

Students who are NOT eligible for need-based employment have two options for finding employment on campus:

  1. Apply for a position that is department-funded. These positions can be found on Handshake.  Students are not permitted to apply for a second position on campus until after October 1st.  If a student does acquire two positions, he or she is not allowed to work more than 15 hours a week or 30 hours in a pay period.

  2. Apply for any position after October 1st when unfilled campus jobs are opened to all students whether or not they have a need-based employment option in their financial aid package.


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