Welcome to the world of student employment at Franklin & Marshall College!   Student employees play a vital part in our community as contributing members to nearly every F&M department and office.  As a supervisor, you are joining over 220+ other supervisors in over 80 departments who include students in the important mission and work of your department. 

The part you play as a supervisor impacts not only the work of your department but often the success and retention of the students you supervise.  Your contribution to the lives of our students as a supervisor is important and appreciated.  

Below you will find information about student employment policies and procedures.  Additional resources can be found in the Student Employee Supervisors Google Group/Drive Folder.  If you do not have access to this Group/Folder, please email studentemployment@fandm.edu.

Student Employee General Information & Policies
  1. Only students who are enrolled full-time and work-aided (have Federal Work-Study or College Work Option) can be hired with the college-funded, student employment budget.  The Student Employment Office can provide a current list of students by identification numbers who are work-aided.  
  2. College-funded, student employment positions pay $8 an hour unless the position has a pre-existing exception (usually positions like tutors, TA's, lifeguards, and EMT's). Department and grant-funded positions have more flexibility currently in setting pay rates but must align with similar positions at the college.  For guidance on setting an appropriate pay rate, reach out to the Student Employment Office.

  3. In college-funded positions, students can work up to 10 hours a week in their first position.  After October 15th, students can apply for a second position.  In total, a student can work up to 15 hours per week or 30 hours per two-week pay period.
  4. A student cannot begin working until they have completed new hire paperwork (7 documents in total, including the W-4 and I-9).  When you submit a SEAF form to hire a student, you will receive a message that they are ineligible if the student has not yet completed this paperwork.  At that point, you can refer them to our office and we will walk them through the process (completing the paperwork electronically and then coming in person to show us their original identification documents for the I-9).  Any student who has worked on campus previously has already filled out the paperwork and many incoming first-years turn it in at move-in.

Please see additional information in the FAQ section below.

How To Hire a Student Employee
  1. Create a job description(s).  If you design multiple positions, feel free to create more than one job description.  The Student Employment Office has a required job description format; access it here.

  2. Figure out a budget for the position.  Many departments are assigned a budget each year from the Student Employment Office.  FPS members should make sure that their current budget can support the positions they seek to hire for.  If the assigned, college-funded, work-aid student employment budget for your office is not sufficient, departments have the option to fund positions through department or grant funds if those are available.  Questions about the college-funded budget for your department can be directed to the Student Employment Office.

  3. Post your position on Handshake, F&M’s online job board.  In some cases, a department assistant posts all of the department’s positions.  Positions must be posted for a minimum of 7 days so students have equal opportunity to look for and apply for positions. You can decide whether you will have students apply through Handshake or apply to you directly.  Handshake will keep all your applications in one place and make it easy for you to manage applicants.

  4. Interview applicants.  We do not require you to interview every applicant but you can choose among your applicants those who best meet the position responsibilities and expectations.  

  5. Choose who you want to hire.  Please note the relevant policies below on who is eligible to be hired.  You would then submit a SEAF form (student employment authorization form) via Inside F&M for each of the students you plan on hiring.  Refer to this step-by-step instructional document for further information. 

  6. Students submit timesheets bi-weekly.  Supervisors approve timesheets within the designated approval window. 


Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Q:  Where do I find the SEAF form?
    A:  In Inside F&M>Campus Services> Employment Links; Step-by-step instructions for completing the SEAF form can be found here

  • Q:  Why is a student labeled ineligible on the SEAF form?
    A:   Two possible reasons:  1) the ID number was entered incorrectly or with an extra space; 2) the Student has not filled out new hire/payroll paperwork.  See point number 4 on the left.

  • Q:  Why doesn't my student employee's timesheet appear in my approval list?
    A:  The student may not have opened their timesheet.  The student may not be set up as an employee yet or was set up with the wrong approver.  Email studentemployment@fandm.edu and payroll@fandm.edu for assistance; include student's full name and ID#.

  • P:   The wrong approver is set up for one of our employees.
    A:  Changes to approvers are handled by Payroll.  Please email payroll@fandm.edu and cc studentemployment@fandm.edu

  • P:  Student is being billed to the wrong department/ fund.
    A:   This could have been a problem in the original SEAF submission, a department fund change, or an input error.  Please email    studentemployment@fandm.edu

  • P:  My student employee forgot to submit their timesheet.
    A:  A paper /late timesheet will need to be filled out and signed by the student.  Then, the supervisor signs the form and emails it to payroll@fandm.edu