Every year, the National Student Employment Association (NSEA) declares the second full week in April as National Student Employment Week. It was established to increase public awareness and to recognize students who work while attending college. It is also a time to recognize supervisors who oversee the student experience by providing training and development that prepare students for their careers.

The Supervisor of the Year (SOTY) award is given to a supervisor who has superbly guided and mentored student employees in alignment with the mission of their respective departments.  Read about our 2019 and 2020 winners below.

2020 SOTY Awards

This year we were not able to hold an awards ceremony, at which student and supervisor awardees would be announced and celebrated. This was not possible in our new COVID-19 environment. However, we did receive student and supervisor nominations in February and March. 

The Supervisor of the Year for 2020 is  Matthew Keller, Director of Sports Medicine - Athletics and Recreation. Read excerpts from his nomination below. 

Honorable Mention goes to Diana Daigle, Resource Sharing Specialist, College Library and Todd DeKay,  Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Ware College House Dean.

Matthew Keller has worked in F&M’s Department of Athletics for 17 years. William (Billy) Doyle ’20 has worked with Matt for four years as a student sports medicine assistant and nominated him because:

He has displayed care and concern for not only myself, but for all other student workers and athletes. He ensures that each and every student worker has an important job and is a valued member of the team. He continually shows his leadership knowledge by leveraging students' unique academic skills in a work environment to improve the athletic department. 

He is a paragon of patience and integrity and goes above and beyond his duties as the director of the department. He leads by example, helping student workers set up and tear down when needed, being always available to field questions, and most importantly, his understanding of how to cultivate powerful relationships with all students he meets. As a director, he recognizes the importance of working alongside all the other staff and students and leading by example. 

He puts those around him first, demonstrating his amazing altruism. Working sporting events, teams can experience a multitude of emotions, the highest highs, and the lowest lows. He is there when the team completes an amazing comeback win. He is there when an opposing team's player goes down. He is there when a player on our own team goes down. On multiple occasions, when a player went down with a career-ending injury, the first person to be by their side was him. He was the one that had first contact. He was the one that calmed that player. He was the one that led them off the field. He was the one that supervised and helped them rehabilitate their injury. Every step of the way, he made sure that that person was taken care of. An award is given to recognize excellence, it is time that Matt Keller be recognized for his excellence.


Matt Keller matt elmira 0307 01

Above:  Matt with an F&M Men's Baseball player. 

Below:  Matt with the F&M Men's Baseball team.

keller matt mbb dickinson 01

Learn more about F&M's Athletics at   https://www.godiplomats.com/

2019 SOTY Awards

The Supervisor of the Year is Mary Burgess from the Admission Office whose personal support of her student employees came through strongly in the nomination process. 

Honorable Mentions were given to Joshua Holland and Curtis Galbreath from the Facilities & Operations/ Events  Management SWAT Team.

2019 Supervisor of the Year Awards - Mary Burgess, Barbara Altmann

Above:  F&M President Barbara Altmann presents the Superviser of the Year award to Mary Burgess, Admission Records Assistant.

Below:  Student Employee Office Student Worker Cheska Mae Perez' 20 presents an honorable mention certificate to Joshua Holland,  SWAT Team Leader.

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Nomination Process & Guidelines 

In spring 2019, The Student Employment Office, in conjunction with the launch of the Student Employee of the Year award, held its 1st annual Supervisor of the Year (SOTY) award!

This award is given to a supervisor who has superbly guided and mentored student employees in alignment with the mission of their respective departments.

Each spring semester, student employees are invited to nominate their supervisors. The winner receives a certificate and recognition prize ($100).  All nominees are invited to a reception during National Student Employee Appreciation Week in April.



  1. Nominations may be submitted only by a student employee supervised by the individual.

  2. Each student employee may nominate up to two supervisors from different departments.

  3. Nominations close March 6, 2020.


Selection Committee

The selection committee determines who is recognized for the Supervisor of the Year award.  Committee members convene for at least an hour in the spring semester.  Any student employee may become a member. Email studentemployment@fandm.edu to get involved!

How to Nominate

The selection of the Supervisor of the Year will be based on the following criteria:

  • The nominee’s efforts to provide student employee(s) an opportunity to demonstrate responsibility and to feel like part of the staff.

  • The nominee’s actions that encourage the use of initiative, academic background and/or skill sets of the student employee(s) they supervise.

  • The manner in which the nominee provides a quality/challenging work environment.

  • How the nominee establishes a work environment which encourages access, direction, and/or a mentoring role.

  • The opportunities provided for the student to make meaningful contributions to the mission of the department or institution.

All nominations are submitted through a Qualtrics Form that is emailed directly to current student employees.