Sustainability At F&M

Franklin & Marshall College is proud of its long tradition of conservation and environmental stewardship, and continues to create opportunities for all in the College community to demonstrate leadership in sustainability by minimizing our use of natural resources, reducing our environmental impacts, and educating ourselves and others about the roles and responsibilities of citizens in a world of finite resources. Guided by the standing Campus Sustainability Committee, F&M is embarked on a range of activities to make the College and surrounding community more green, from promoting increased bicycle usage through its bike loan program to the installation and maintenance of a living roof atop Bonchek College House that helps reduce both storm water runoff and the building's heating and cooling needs.

Additional aspects of F&M's concern for the environment are evident in its establishment of the Center for the Sustainable Environment, charged with consolidating the many interests and initiatives relating to environmental stewardship and sustainability on campus, as well as its upkeep of the 50-acre natural laboratory at Spalding Conservancy and cooperative learning relationship with the nonprofit Millport Conservancy also located in Lancaster County.


Actions and Initiatives

Current Initiatives

Franklin & Marshall works hard to keep up with the current advances in sustainable ideas and technology.  The College prides itself on looking at every possible angle to create a more sustainable future for both the campus and the world.  Come check out what is happening on campus now!

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Sustainability in the Classroom

As an institution of higher learning, Franklin & Marshall has a unique opportunity to create a community of leaders in sustainability in and out of the classroom.  The Liberal Arts tradition blends seamlessly with the sustainability movement, with professors from many departments sharing their insight on a greener planet.

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Sustainability Master Plan

Continuing a long tradition of conservation and environmental stewardship, Franklin & Marshall College in October 2012 adopted a Sustainability Master Plan.  The Plan aims to create a culture of sustainability throughout campus that permeates into all facets of  life at F&M.

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Get Involved

Environmental Action Alliance (EAA)

The EAA strives to raise environmental awareness on campus and promote ecological initiatives within the student body.  From running the Fair Trade Café to organizing trips to Climate Marches, the EAA organizes a variety of activities and initiatives.  Weekly Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 7:30 in the Wohlsen Center Café.

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Fair Trade Café

The Fair Trade Café is dedicated to offering students grilled cheese and vegan soups every Wednesday from 11:30 to 1:00pm.  Students source all of the food locally from sustainable producers.  Students interested in helping out should stop by the weekly EAA meetings on Tuesdays at 7:30 in the Wohlsen Center Café.

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Sustainability Theme House

The Sustainability Theme House has two goals: to live communally and minimize environmental impacts, and to offer information to the campus at large.  Students who are interested in applying to live in the Sustainability House can learn more at the College Theme Housing website. 

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F&M Center for the Sustainable Environment

The F&M Center for the Sustainable Environment has many opportunities for students to get involved with the sustainability movement on campus.  Check out their website for more info!   

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Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is tasked with helping the College continue pushing forward as leaders in environmental stewardship.  Meetings are open to the campus and more information can be found on their webpage. 

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The Pulse

Story 10/15/2016

Volleyball Team Goes Green, Competes in Recycled Uniforms

As the women of Franklin & Marshall College’s volleyball team hit the courts for away games this year, they are not just representing Diplomat athletics. 

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Story 10/14/2016

Climate Change Documentary to Screen at F&M Oct. 19

“Before the Flood,” the soon-to-be-released documentary on climate change from actor Leonardo DiCaprio and director Fisher Stevens, will have a special advanced screening at Franklin & Marshall...

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Story 9/8/2016

Sustainability Week: The Need for "Wild Things"

Franklin & Marshall College’s Sustainability Week 2016 focused on the need to understand and conserve nature’s wild things – such as coyotes and bees – to help maintain a balanced ecosystem.    

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