The Campus Food System

Local Food in Campus Dining 

F&M's food service provider, Sodexo, strives to incorporate local food whenever possible.  The majority of their produce is sourced and purchased locally and they take pride in partnering with local businesses such as Hershey’s Chocolate in Hershey, PA, Sweet Street Desserts in Reading, PA, and Harrisburg Dairies in Harrisburg, PA.  Organic and Kosher meets and dairy product are available to students on a regular basis as well as Fair Trade and Sustainably sourced coffee.

In addition to the continued drive towards sustainable food, Sodexo is working to make other aspects of the dining experience more sustainable as well.  All dining locations use spudware utensils (80 % potato starch and 20% soy) as well as a combination of paper, bagasse (Sugar resin pulp) and PLA (Ceraplast corn bi-product) in all locations for our plates, containers, cups, lids and straws.  These items are biodegradable and can be composted, turning them from waste into a usable product. 

See what else Sodexo is doing to help promote Sustainability!

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Food Recovery Challenge

Franklin & Marshall College are among 25 colleges and universities in the state of Pennsylvania to join a federal program to divert and donate as much of their excess food as possible.  The Food Recovery Challenge is a national program, created by the EPA, to reduce as much food waste as possible – saving money, helping communities, and protecting the environment.  Franklin and Marshall has worked hard to monitor food production and adjusting volumes to reduce waste at the source.  All other food waste is composted, preventing the product from entering the waste stream. 

Visit the EPA's Website for more information on the Food Recovery Challenge


Food Systems and the Sustainability Master Plan

The Franklin & Marshall Sustainability Master Plan has sets goals to develop a more sustainable campus food system, one that takes the ecological and human health impacts of our food procurement into consideration.

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Students and the Food System

Fair Trade Cafe

The Fair Trade Café is dedicated to offering students grilled cheese and vegan soups every Wednesday from 11:30 to 1:00pm.  Students source all of the food locally from sustainable producers.  The café serves to bring together students, faculty, and professional staff over great food and discussion, epitomizing the idea of the Liberal Arts.    

The Dirt Army

Borrowing its name from the Victory Gardens of WWII, the Dirt Army was created in 2009 to showcase the benefits of organic food production and sustainable agricultural practices.  As a part Environmental Action Alliance, the Dirt Army educate students about the food system and helps to supply produce to the Fair Trade café.