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F&M Designated ‘Bicycle Friendly’ by National Bicyclist Group

Franklin & Marshall offers a bike loan program to students at no cost.  During semesters, any F&M student may sign-out a bike for 4-WEEKS. Renewals MUST be made in person so we can assess maintenance needs. Friends of the borrower can assist with renewals or returns. In addition to the bike, each student will receive a helmet, lock and key. All items must be returned when bike is returned. Fees will be charged for any missing items. See fee listing at the LOST button below.

To Get a Bike:

Bikes circulate quickly at the start of each semester. Announcement of bike-loan start date is made by email to all students. Bike-loan staff will maintain a waiting list. Throughout the semester, stop by the Weis Bike Room to see if any bikes have been returned or if you have any repair needs. There is an openly available repair stand and airpump between LSP and Fair Trade. Email with any questions. And contact F&M Public Safety to report accidents or thefts.

Bike room hours for Spring 2023 (starting date to be determined)

  • Tuesday 2:30-5:30pm
  • Wednesday 2:30-5:30pm
  • Sunday 1-5pm

The Weis Bike Room is located rear and ground level of Weis dorm. Tap on the walk-up window for assistance.

Live free, ride hard!

  • How to Renew

    You may renew your loan by bringing the bike back to the bike shop for a quick inspection.  If all necessary criteria are met, be bike can be renewed. 
    NOTE:  There is a late charge of $1.00 a day until the bike is returned.

  • LOST, Stolen, Damaged or Accident?

    If your bike is lost or stolen, please contact Public Safety immediately at 717-358-3939 to file a report.

    If your bike is damaged please contact Tom Simpson (717.358.5859 or

    Note: you may be responsible for costs if your bike is damaged or stolen.  See below:

    • Cruiser Bicycle: $300
    • Helmet: $40.00
    • Padlock: $10.00
    • Padlock key: $5.00
    • Cable: $10.00
    • Confiscated bikes: If bikes are confiscated for any reason, such as failure to lock and secure, or failure to return or renew the bicycle by one week after due date, there will be a $25 charge. The confiscation charge will take the place of the pending overdue charge if the overdue charge is less than $25.00. If the overdue charge is more than $25.00, the student will pay that higher amount. Students are responsible for returning the key and helmet. Failue to return key and helmet will result in additional charges. Borrowers of confiscated bikes will not be allowed to borrow for the rest of the semester.
    • Damaged bike or parts: If borrower liability is established, costs will be assessed and charged accordingly.

  • Bike Safety & Repair

    Bike Safety

    • Bikes can be used on or off campus. Bicycles can be ridden on streets or sidewalks with the exception of the Central Business District in Lancaster city where riding on sidewalks is prohibited.
    • Yield to pedestrians while riding on sidewalks.
    • Night riding is dangerous.  Use lights, flashing lights, and light-colored and/or reflective clothing. Assume that drivers cannot see you!
    • Street riding should be done in the direction of traffic flow and on the right side of the street.
    • Ride far enough from parked cars to avoid a car door that might open.
    • Use hand signals to indicate turns.
    • Avoid using a cell phone or headphones while riding.
    • One rider per bicycle.
    • Wear a helmet for your safety.
    • Ride only when sober.
    • Avoid riding on dangerous, high traffic roads, including freeways.
    • More information on bike safety and repair can be found at Bike Ride

    Securing Your Bike

    • Think before you lock.  Lock your bike in a highly visible, area that has heavy foot traffic.
    • Lock the frame of the bike to a rack (preferable) or other immovable object, and include the front wheel or both wheels if possible
    • Whether parking indoors or out, lock your bike where it will not impede access, block escape routes, exits, or corridors. Avoid locking bikes to trees.
    • Unlocked bikes will be confiscated, and the borrower will be banned from bike borrowing for the remainder of the semester.


  • Register your personal bike

    Want to help protect your bike against theft? You can register your bike for free at 

    You can also register a stolen bike.