What happens to your waste?


Franklin & Marshall switched to single stream recycling in 2013 in an effort to reduce the amount of trash that is produced.  With the switch of collection, the College has converted all of its existing bins, added additional collections locations and designed new signage to create a uniform seamless system. 

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In November, 2013 the College implemented composting in the dining hall in an effort to divert what once was waste, into a usable product.  F&M works with two local companies, Environmental Recovery Corporation and Terra Grow, to reduce the Campus’ waste load by capturing food scraps to be composted.   

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The College is always on the look out to reduce the amount of trash produced on campus.  F&M has tackled trash from many angles in order to maximize waste saving efforts.  From improved signage and containers to the addition of composting, the College has found success from adopting this multifaceted approach.

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