Assistant Dean of the College and New College House Dean



Office: NCH108


Ph.D. 2006, University of Pennsylvania
B.S. 2002, University of Pennsylvania


My research employs the quantitative methods of stable isotope geochemistry to answer questions concerning environmental reconstruction and environmental health.  I have applied these methods to the remains of multi-million-year-old floodplain forests that grew in the Canadian Arctic and Siberia, as well as to carbon, nutrient, and heavy-metal budgets in modern ecosystems. I am currently pursuing how beef stable isotope ratios are influenced by the diet of cattle, as well as how vegetables grown organically differ chemically from conventional produce. 


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Course Information

ENV/GEO 114 - Earth, Environment and Humanity

ENV/GEO 172 - Changing Climate, Changing Weather

ENV/GEO 274 - Footprints of Crime and Climate