Two Fields. 
​One Department. 

Theatre and Dance.

No less than philosophy and science, these arts are forms of cognition, and every production or performance is simultaneously an act of research and an act of communication, a way of encountering, examining, and sharing with others the most confounding experiences we can know as human beings.

As a student taking courses in the Department of Theatre and Dance you will combine artistic practice with scholarly inquiry and be inspired and encouraged to engage simultaneously in craft and context, creativity and critical thinking. You may major in Theatre or Dance, while exploring the interdisciplinary links between these disciplines. 

As a department, we foster a healthy atmosphere of artistic inquiry, creative exploration, and intellectual rigor.  We are committed to understanding the social and historical roots from which contemporary work in dance and theatre springs.

The faculty in TND at Franklin & Marshall College invite you to join us!



Imagined Performances

The faculty in TDF at Franklin and Marshall College invite you to join us. For our performances that could not be.  

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The study of theatre at Franklin & Marshall College gives students the chance to embrace all aspects of the art in its role as a foundation of a liberal arts education.          

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The F&M Dance Curriculum integrates performance and theory. In technique, composition, and other studio-based courses, you will also read about, write on, and analyze dance. And, in dance theory, analysis, and history courses, you will move through your studies on the dance floor.

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Film and Media Studies

Movies involve every mode of expression, from movement to music, from narrative to news. No medium is better suited to the study of communication and self-expression. Movies are also a fascinating window into recent and contemporary cultures, revealing things about those cultures, from their “common knowledge” to their secret desires, attitudes,...

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