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Story 12/9/2016

Jem Cohen Campus Visit and Film Screening

On 11/30/2016, the Film Program welcomed independent filmmaker Jem Cohen for a screening of his...

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Story 12/6/2016

Student Field Trip - "Love Me Tonight" on 35mm

On November 6th Professor Andrea Comiskey took a number of students to Phoenixville for a 35mm film...

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Story 11/21/2016

Alumni Spotlight - Rachael Herman '16

The Film Program reached out to local alumni Rachael Herman ‘16 to see how she is faring post...

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Story 11/3/2016

"The Problem of Pathos" Film Hackman Scholarship

This past summer, students Caylah Coffeen ‘17 and Kylie Logan ‘18 joined Professor Dirk Eitzen for...

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Story 10/19/2016

2016 Student Film Showcase

Tuesday September 27th, students, faculty and parents gathered to view some of the best students...

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Story 10/17/2016

Welcome to Andrea Comiskey - Visiting Professor in Film &...

This year, the Film Program is joined by Visiting Professor Andrea Comiskey. She shared with us...

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Story 9/27/2016

CNX 127 Entertaining Violence: Team Fortress 2 Night

It is the second week of the semester and a group of first years gather in the technology lounge of...

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Story 2/1/2016

Film Program's Zoetropolis Night

Old cinema seats and brightly upholstered chairs line the theatre which holds a single screen....

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Story 12/2/2015

Filmmaker Josephine Decker Visits F&M

On 10/1/2015, independent filmmaker Josephine Decker visiting F&M's TDF-Film Program to share her...

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