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When you study theatre at F&M, you work through performance and theory in order to develop creative responses to the demands and opportunities of global citizenship. Students here take classes in acting, playwriting, directing, design, theatre history and dramatic literature, engaging theatre’s many avenues for expression, inquiry, and analysis. Collaborative and interdisciplinary by nature, theatre at F&M brings you into contact with core questions from global traditions and innovative responses from contemporary work. 

Events & News

Story 10/19/2018

‘Our Country’s Good’ Examines Redeeming Humanity Through Art

Convicts in late 18th-century England, sent to a new penal colony on the far side of the world, faced a brutal life until the commander of the fleet of ships that transported them had another idea...

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Story 4/3/2018

Exploring Gender Fluidity with Spring Play, “Act a Lady”

In a Prohibition-era Midwestern town, a small group of men decide to put on a “fancy-dress play,” in which men dress as women, and women as men. The androgynous pants-wearing Zina comes to town to...

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Story 2/5/2018

First-Year Student from India Stars in F&M Production of...

A first-year student at Franklin & Marshall College from Pune, India, Priyanka Patil began inspiring theatregoers in the seventh grade when, to prepare for a local festival, her teacher assigned the...

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