Story 4/3/2018

Exploring Gender Fluidity with Spring Play, “Act a Lady”

In a Prohibition-era Midwestern town, a small group of men decide to put on a “fancy-dress play,” in which men dress as women, and women as men. The androgynous pants-wearing Zina comes to town to...

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Story 2/5/2018

First-Year Student from India Stars in F&M Production of...

A first-year student at Franklin & Marshall College from Pune, India, Priyanka Patil began inspiring theatregoers in the seventh grade when, to prepare for a local festival, her teacher assigned the...

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F&M Theatre's special performance of "Romeo and Juliet" for the local community

Speical performance will be held in the Green Room Theatre on February 9 (Friday) at 10:30 a.m. As McCaskey students watch the play and interact with the cast, they will be able to experience their required reading coming to life.   

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Story 10/25/2017

On F&M's Stage This Fall: 'How Do We Substantiate Morale in...

Audiences who attend Franklin & Marshall College's production of "Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play," which opens Oct. 26, will drop into a world that once looked like their own.  

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Story 2/6/2017

What Lies Underneath Small-Town Life in “Winesburg, Ohio”?

Author Sherwood Anderson wrote a series of short stories about the lives of people in a fictional Midwestern small town that was published as a collection in 1919. Today, “Winesburg, Ohio” is the...

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Story 10/25/2016

Power, Masks and Carnival in 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle'

Having fled his homeland of Germany in 1933, just after Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seized power, poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht settled in Los Angeles for a while. Here, during the height of...

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Story 2/10/2016

Green Room's "One Man, Two Guvnors" Asks Vital Question

Franklin & Marshall's production of "One Man, Two Guvnors" uses humor, music, sandwiches and audience participation to ask a most basic question: "Do you prefer eating or making love?"

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Story 10/26/2015

Through Power of Music, 'Hair' Shines Spotlight on Social...

As F&M prepares to revive the nearly 50-year-old musical, "Hair," Director Carol Davis said the issues of war, racism and gender that "Hair" touched on in 1967 remain relevant, particularly to the...

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Story 4/7/2015

Faith on the Docket: 'The Last Days of Judas Iscariot' Opens...

The story centers on the court case of Judas, a biblical character who betrayed Jesus and then took his own life. It challenges the audience with questions about God, divine justice and human...

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Story 2/19/2015

In 'Three Sisters,' Russian Playwright Plumbs Depths of Self...

When Anton Chekhov's play "Three Sisters" premiered in 1901, it was instantly popular with audiences, who warmly embraced the playwright's exploration of the complexity of humanity. Franklin &...

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