The Luminary - May 2016


	Matthew Eynon, a member of the senior leadership team charged with advancement strategy in Boston College's current $1.5 billion capital campaign, will join Franklin & Marshall as vice president for college advancement in early fall. (Photo by Eric Forberger)

Dear Alumni, Parents and Friends,

I hope you enjoy this, the second issue of The Luminary. In reading its contents, I am struck by the continuity of character that so clearly links generations of Franklin & Marshall students and alumni. Our great friends and supporters, Eric ’67 and Sari Rackow, have for years supported fellowships—and now an endowed scholarship as well—awarded to students who share their passion for healing. Although our current undergraduates’ experiences and Eric’s occurred decades apart, this passion, combined with a tireless drive for excellence, unify them. All of us are deeply grateful for Eric and Sari’s willingness to sustain and enhance our College’s legacy of excellence.

We are grateful to you as well.

As Franklin & Marshall College’s most stalwart supporters, your ongoing engagement effects great, positive impact at this historic institution. Never has it been more important. In an era of shifting demographics, rapidly globalizing economies, and exponential technology gains, the habits of mind essential to success are the same habits of mind that make a great student of the liberal arts: critical thought, incisive reasoning, and endless curiosity. Through your many contributions, you make possible both this extraordinary liberal arts experience and the lives of meaning and accomplishment it inspires. Thank you.


Matthew K. Eynon

Vice President for College Advancement


Luminary May 2016

A Path Well Lit

Senior Carolina Giraldo’s summer fellowship—the Rackow & Kaminsky Endowed Fellowship for Pre- Health Students—took her to her hometown, Miami, where she gained certification as an emergency room technician and spent more than 100 externship hours with emergency personnel, much of it in the back of an ambulance.   

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Family Ties

“You don’t have to be a graduate of F&M to be related to F&M,” says Arthur “Art” Clark Jr., a man who is not, in fact, a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College. His ties to the College go back to his father, Arthur R. Clark, Ph.D., ’34, Willig Pentathlon Prize in Chemistry winner, varsity soccer player and Phi Beta Kappa member.

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First STEM Posse Cohort Graduates

In Fall 2012, F&M became the third institution—and the first liberal arts college—to partner with the Posse Foundation in enrolling annual cohorts of 10 full-scholarship students, with demonstrated talent and interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. 

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Beyond the Fourth Year: A Family Gives Back

“I need $65 to apply to F&M, and it’s the only place I’m applying to.” Alexandra (“Allie”) Morey ’15 was unequivocal, and five years later, John Morey still recalls the enthusiasm with which his daughter made her decision to apply to Franklin & Marshall. 

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Update on the Campaign for Shadek Stadium

The College will write the next chapters of football and lacrosse success in Shadek Stadium, F&M’s inaugural North Campus development. The North Campus property, occupied formerly by Armstrong World Industries and a Norfolk Southern rail line and located north of Harrisburg Avenue, will in time house a variety of athletic facilities and resources.

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The Impact of Endowment 

Changing Lives with Your Support

The Raymond A. Sanseverino ’68 Endowed Scholarship Fund

  • Wrestler Paul Alessandrini '16

“Franklin & Marshall College provided me with an incredible college experience, both in and out of the classroom… Without your generosity, I would likely not have been able to continue my education at F&M.”

— Paul Alessandrini ’16, economics major, Diplomat wrestler, recipient of need-based financial aid through the Raymond A. Sanseverino ’68 Endowed Scholarship Fund 

The Franklin J. Schaffner Theatre Award Fund 

  • Seeing the sights of London was part of the study abroad experience for the theatre major.

 “This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I made friendships for a lifetime, and was able to take the knowledge I have learned at F&M and apply it to the real-world industry of theatre… I now have the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming an actress.” 

—Clare Fitzgerald ’17, theatre major, student performer, Franklin J. Schaffner Award Fund recipient

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Franklin & Marshall College's alumni, parents, friends and students support F&M in ways our founders never could have envisioned but would heartily salute. 
Through their gifts of time and treasure—from dedicating countless hours as admission volunteers, as alumni mentors, and in other important roles, to their financial support for scholarships, financial aid and outstanding campus spaces—we are thankful for all those who light the way for F&M’s hard-working students and exceptional faculty.
  • Al K. DeRoy, Ph.D., M.P.A., ’70

    Al K. DeRoy, Ph.D., M.P.A., ’70 Image

    Al K. DeRoy, Ph.D., M.P.A., ’70 to date has endowed two funds at the College. One of those funds is the Dr. Al K. DeRoy Endowed Judaic Scholar/Artist in Residence Fund, which will host a scholar or artist in residence for Judaic Studies each year. DeRoy is a member of the John Marshall Society.

    Pictured: Israeli Choreographer Talia Beck, the Al K. DeRoy Endowed Judaic Scholar/Artist in Residence for fall 2015.


  • Jen Stuart '09

    Jen Stuart '09 Image

    Jen Stuart ’09 (left), co-chair of the Metro Boston Chapter Council since 2012, helps put a welcoming and enthusiastic face on the Boston Chapter, building on past leaders’ successes in expanding Boston’s programming and leading the establishment of an exciting, annual holiday event as well as chapter participation in local service projects. Stuart, one of the first students to focus her studies at F&M in public health, is now a doctoral candidate in the School of Public Health at Harvard University.


  • Amy K. Dooley '77

    Amy K. Dooley '77 Image

    John Marshall Society member Amy K. Dooley ’77, whose father is W. Fred Kinsey III, Ph.D., P’77, emeritus professor of anthropology, and her husband, Larry, have established the Larry P. and Amy Kinsey Dooley ’77 Endowed Scholarship Fund to provide need-based financial aid to F&M students. The fund helps the College meet 100 percent of every student’s institutionally determined need.

  • Janet Jacobs W'55 and Kim Jacobs

    Janet Jacobs W'55 and Kim Jacobs Image

    The late Janet Jacobs W’55 (right) and her daughter, Kim Jacobs, made a leadership commitment to the campaign for Shadek Stadium in memory of their husband and father, Richard J. Jacobs ’55, who served on the Shadek Stadium Campaign Committee and who played for F&M’s football team. Sadly, Janet Jacobs passed away in March. She was a member of the William A. Schnader Society and a long-standing member of the John Marshall Society. Her legacy of support will live on for the students of Franklin & Marshall College.

  • Ann Marie Donovan Griffith ’89

    Ann Marie Donovan Griffith ’89 Image

    A member of F&M’s Leadership Council and an admission volunteer with the Franklin & Marshall Admission Network (FAN), Ann Marie Donovan Griffith ’89 also invests in F&M’s financial aid initiatives. The Griffith Franklin & Marshall Fund Scholarship provides current-use financial aid, supporting talented students who otherwise could not afford to attend F&M.