The F&M online bulletin boards are a resource for the campus community to post announcements and messages that are not related to College business.

All boards are accessible from the Community tab within the Inside F&M campus Web portalEach board may also be accessed directly using the links provided below.

These online bulletin boards use the Google Groups platform.

There are five bulletin boards available to the Campus community:

1. Goods for Sale
Have an item for sale or something to give away? Post your sale, exchange or free item notices here.

2. House Rentals and Sales
Selling your house or looking for an apartment? Post any home sale, rental or roommate notices here.

3. Services
Looking to hire or be hired? Post your odd jobs here.

4. For the Common Good
Want to recommend a good read, solicit time or money for a fundraiser or your favorite charity, or publicize an off-campus event? Post your notices here.

5. Student Housing


  1. How to set your email preferences for each bulletin board
  2. How to post a message to any of these bulletin boards
  3. How to delete your post
  4. How to reply to a message

How to join and set your email preferences for each bulletin board

You can decide whether or not to receive email notifications from a bulletin board when new messages are posted.  You can set a different preference for each board. Following is the four-step process to do so.

1. When you go to the bulletin board for the first time, you will see a button called “Join Group” – click on it.

  • join group
  • join group 02

2. On the next screen, confirm by clicking on the blue Join the Group button.

3. Back on the main page, the blue “Join Group” button changes to a gray “Membership and email settings” button. Click on this button to set your email preferences. 

  • set email preferences

4. From the drop-down menu on the next screen:

  • Select the setting you want
  • To receive automatic email notifications when someone replies to your post online, check the box right under the email preferences drop-down menu.
  • Click on the “Save” button to save your preferences.
  • save email preferences full

How to post a message

Anyone with F&M NetID credentials can post messages on these boards. However, you must have joined the group to be able to do so.

1. Go to the desired board and click on the “New Topic” button on the main screen.

  • new topic

2. Type in the subject and description of your message. If you want, add attachments or images using the buttons and links available under the subject field.

3. Click on the “Post” button on top of the screen.

  • post message

How to delete your post 

Only you or the board administrator can delete your post.

Once you’ve sold your item or rented your house, you may want to delete your post from the bulletin board:

  1. Go to your post by clicking on the subject line
  2. Click on the little arrow next to “post reply” to get a drop-down menu of other options
  3. Select “delete post” from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on “OK” when you get the confirmation pop-up window
  • delete post

How to reply to a message

There are three ways to reply to a message board post.

Option 1: If you have set your preferences to receive email notifications when new messages are posted on a given bulletin board, you will receive emails for new posts. You may reply to these emails. Note: these replies will go to everyone who has opted in to receive email alerts from this board. It will also be posted on the board.

Option 2: If you want to reply privately, compose a new email instead of replying to the email alert. Or make a phone call.

Option 3: If you prefer not to receive email notifications, you may visit the online board to view recent messages and reply to them online. Here’s how:

1. Within the Community tab in Inside F&M, click on the bulletin board link you want to see. The main page of the board will list all messages in reverse chronological order.

  • view message

2. To view message details, click on the message title. 

  • reply

3. To reply to a message, click on red “Post Reply” on top of the screen.

4. Type in your response and click on the green “Post” button. Note: Your reply will be visible to everyone on the board. 

  • post reply