Creating a Web Page

To create a page, you must be logged into the CMS, and you must have edit access for the section of the website you want to modify.

For an overview of all the different types of pages you can create, and their uses, see Page Settings.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create a Web Page

1. Go to the page under which you want your page to appear, and click on the big red gear in the lower left-hand corner. (If you don't see this gear, it means that you don't have edit access to this page.)

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2. Click NEW PAGE and the page settings modal (pop-up window) will come up. In this modal, specifiy the following:

  • Title of your page (give it a meaningful name so it has a better chance of showing up in search results)
  • Type of page (usually it will be DEFAULT)
  • Whether it should be published (Note: keep your page unpublished until all content is ready, so that website visitors don't find blank web pages. Unpublished pages are visible only when logged in.)
  • If it should be shown in the navigation (in most cases, the answer should be "yes")
  • Tags -- add one or more tags as appropriate. Tags are useful if you want your page to show up search results for specific keywords or phrases
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3. Click SAVE in the upper right-hand corner to create your page. Your page is now ready to be filled with content.

If you wish to change your page settings, go to the page that you created, click on the cog and select PAGE SETTINGS.