CMS Directory Groups

What are CMS Directory Groups?

Directory Groups are a feature within the CMS that can be used to manually override automated departmental/office directory listings on F&M's Website.

The online People Search and departmental/office directories on the F&M Website are automatically generated using data in Banner. In most cases, this information is accurately generated and displayed. However, there are some cases when an accurate departmental/office directory listing cannot be generated using Banner data. The CMS Directory groups have been created to address this issue.

Circumstances when Directory Groups must be used

  1. Interdisciplinary academic programs include faculty members from multiple departments, and sometimes the automated list generated using Banner data is incorrect. In these cases, Directory Groups may need to be used to generate an accurate list of all participating faculty in any given academic year.
  2. A professional staff  member who works in multiple departments or offices is automatically listed in his/her "home" department as defined in Banner. Directory Groups need to be used to add this employee to additional departmental/office directories. Note: this does not apply to faculty.
  3. If an office or department has a valid and legitimate reason to override the automated directory listing, they may request Directory Group functionality for their office or department.

Directory Additons and Exclusion Groups

There are two types of Directory Groups: Directory Additions, and Directory Exclusions. The naming scheme for these groups is as follows:

  • [your dept/office name] Directory Additions
  • [your dept/office name] Directory Exclusions

We have implemented these Directory Groups for a few departments and offices already.

The Web Content Implementer (CI) for a given department/office is able to add and remove people from these Groups, to generate an accurate directory listing for their departmental/office website.

What to do if your department/office directory listing is wrong

The best solution for directory listing trouble is a permanent Banner fix. 

If you notice any inaccuracy in your departmental/office directory listing, first do the following:

  1. check whether your directory listing page is using one or both of the CMS Directory Groups (i.e., Directory Additions and Directory Exclusions)
  2. if you are using either group, check the group membership (i.e., who are the people listed within each group)

After checking your special groups if you have them, but before manually fixing your directory listing, please submit a Help Desk ticket to determine if it can be fixed through Banner. If the problem cannot be corrected in Banner, consult the How to Override the Directory Listing instructions below.

If you do not have access to any Directory Additions or Exclusions groups, you can request one or both through the Help Desk.  Please include in your request, a valid reason why you cannot wait for Banner data to be changed through normal existing channels and processes.

NOTE: By using the Directory Additions and Exclusions groups, you can manage who appears on your directory listing page.  However, these group changes have no effect  on the main People Search Directory

How do you find your Directory Groups?

  • CMS Groups

If you are a Web CI, do the following:

  1. log into the CMS
  2. from the CMS toolbar, click Groups
  3. from the drop down menu select Manage Groups.  
  • CMS group listing

Locate the group for your department or office's Directory Additions or Directory Exclusions group.

Click on the group name to open up the editing window (modal).

How to Override the Directory Listing

If somone is appearing that you do not want to appear, or someone is not showing up when they should, first check your Directory Additions or Exclusions groups, People tab membership .

To REMOVE people from your departmental/office directory listing page:
  1. From the menu bar on top of the screen next to the red logo, click on the Groups tab and select Manage Groups.
  2. Choose your Department Exclusions group. Click on the group name to open the editing window (modal).
  3. Click on the People tab on the left hand menu (see screen-shot below).
  4. Using the People field, add the names of people who you want to take off  the page display.  

This removes immediately the person from your official website directory listing. 

To ADD people to your departmental/office directory listing page:
  1. From the menu bar on top of the screen next to the red logo, click on the Groups tab and select Manage Groups
  2. Choose your Department Additions group.  Click on the group name to open the editing window (modal).
  3. Click on the People tab on the left hand menu (see screen-shot below)
  4.  Using the People field, add the names of the people you want to add to the page display. 
  • How to edit directory groups