CMS Editing Groups

CMS users have different levels of editing access based on their role. There are three roles, each with its specific permissions (described later on this page):

  1. Content Implementer (CI)
  2. Publisher
  3. Contributor

CMS users are assigned roles (and therefore the editing capabilities of that role) through "editing groups."

Each department/office has up to three CMS editing groups, one for each role.

When a CMS user within a department/office is assigned to a particular CMS editing group, that user inherits the editing permissions for that role and editing group. For example, when a person is assigned to the CMS Publisher group in a particular department, that person gets all the editing permissions of the Publisher role for that department's web pages.

Editing Group Roles

There are 3 different types of editing groups and their permission sets include:

  1. CI group
    • one CI group member per department or office
    • edits and publishes content on their own website
    • approves and publishes content changes made by Contributors group
    • manages the membership of  their department or office's Publishers and Contributors groups
    • communicates CMS/website information to Publishers, Contributors, and other department or office members
  2. Publishers group 
    • edits and publishes content on their own website
    • approves and publishes content changes made by Contributors group
  3. Contributors group
    • can edit content on their own website which is then approved and published by the CI or Publishers groups

The naming conventions for the groups:  department/office group-type
•  Example: History CI, History Publishers, History Contributors

CI groups manage the membership of Publisher and Contributor groups

  • CMS Groups

Once logged into the CMS, from the top toolbar click Groups, and from the drop down menu, select Manage Groups.


  • groups list

A list of groups appears.  These are the groups that you have access permissions to manage the membership.

Locate the desired group, either Publisher or Contributor,  and double click to open that group.

A window appears (this window is called a modal).


  • group modal

On the left side of the modal, click to select People

In the large area on the right, there are two sections, Workgroup and People -- in this instance, you are not interested in using the workgroup section, just the People section. 

To add someone to the group, in the People field, start typing a name and a list appears.

Once the correct name appears in the list, click the desired name.  That name now appears below the People field with a large X on the left side.

If you would like to remove someone from the group, click once on the X to the left of their name.

Once you are finished adding or removing people from the group, on the top right of the modal, click the Save button.

The Manage Groups modal appears.

On the top left, click the Done button.