What is the Pulse?

The Pulse is a feed section designed to provide news about a topic, group, or event on a page. By default, there will be a Pulse section at the bottom of every Landing and Default page. However, if nothing is entered, the Pulse section will not be visible to viewers.

There are six types of Pulse feeds:

  1. Stories: A feed that allows you to show a selected number of stories based on story index, story name, or tag. See the chapter on Stories and Messages for more information.
  2. Events: An Event feed will allow you to feature Events by either name or tag.
  3. Twitter: This type of feed can show tweets from a certain Twitter username, and has the option to narrow the tweets from that user with a certain hashtag. 
  4. Facebook: A Facebook feed will display posts from a Facebook page. N.B it must be a Facebook page. You cannot get a feed from a group or a person.
  5. Tumblr: You can have a Tumblr feed of your Tumblr.
  6. Flickr: The Flickr feed will show a Flickr set.


You can use these feeds to create a Pluse section that brings up-to-date news and pictures relevant to your page to viewers.