Uploading Images

To upload an image directly to the page body:

  1. Get into edit mode first, by clicking on the Edit button at the bottom left corner of the page.
  2. Click on the Add Content button and select Image(s) from the dropdown list
  • add content
  • upload image
  • upload image

3.  In the modal (pop-up window) that appears, drag and drop images from the media library below.  NOTE: to create a slideshow, select mutliple images into the box.

4. To upload new images:

a) drag and drop images from your computer into the box.

b) you will be prompted to enter the following information for each image:

  • Title: A few words that describe the picture. A descriptive title will help locate this image in future searches.

  • Description: If you want to caption the photo, this is where to do it. Also a good place to enter names of individuals who appear.

  • Credit (required): Say who took the photo OR see instructions below for other use cases.

  • Tags (at least one required): Start typing to see what tags are available. Every department, campus-wide event, office, club, team and campus location should have its own tag. Other tags to consider using: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter, portrait. Tags also help when searching for images later.

  • Privacy: Leave as “No” if you want to make this image available to others. If you choose “Yes,” only you will be able to see this image in the Media Gallery


You can upload images into the Media Gallery, or into Widgets that call for images, such as Buttons or Cards.

To upload directly to the Media Gallery:

  1. Click on Media in your CMS toolbar. If you do not see the toolbar, you may need to log in or refresh your page first.
  2. Drag and drop your images into the box with the dashed border OR choose Click Here.
  • media gallery upload2


You can click the red box with a plus sign to upload one or more images (hold down the command key to select multiple files on your computer). 

  • media gallery upload through widget