Where to Find Suitable Images for the F&M Website

Looking for an image to use on a page you manage within the Franklin & Marshall College website? Before you begin your search, make sure that you understand the concept of image use permission and that you know what size image you need.

Now, where to search:

  • CMS Media Gallery: See if there is already an appropriate image available in the CMS. The search box will search titles, tags and descriptions. Search “Stock Images” to see non-F&M specific images we have purchased for various Communications needs. Search “Backgrounds & Textures” to see colors and patterns that may be suitable for a button background.

  • F&M Flickr Account: Communications shares many photos, particularly from events, on this Flickr account. Some of these may already have been added to the CMS, but many have not.

  • Shoot your own photo: If you have access to a digital camera or smartphone, consider taking your own photo. See our tips for taking event photos. If given the option when emailing or downloading a photo from your phone, always choose the original size.

  • Search online for licensed images: Do not use Google!

  • Ask Communications: If you have any questions regarding image use or would like Communications to find images for your site, please contact Tim Brixius at tim.brixius@fandm.edu or 717-358-7179. If we don’t have something on hand, we can see whether scheduling time with a photographer or designer is appropriate.