Cards are useful for displaying a link when you want to have your link captioned by text and shown larger. To add a card, click ADD CONTENT, then click CARD.

  • Card 1 Full

You will see this window:

  • Card 2 Full
  1. Image: Choose the image displayed on your card. Your card must have a background image; if you cannot find a picture that fits, use a generic picture such as an F&M logo.

  2. Video: Instead of an image, you can choose to display a video on your card.

  3. Title: This will be the prominent text displayed on your card for your link.

  4. Preview: See what your card will look like

  5. Save Changes: Click here to save your changes.

Next, scroll down to view more options for your card:

  • Card 3 Full
  1. Content: The explanation or caption for your link, or an excerpt from the page it is linking to.

  2. Link Text: This is the text displayed when you hover your mouse over the link

  3. Link URL: The URL for the link of your card goes here. If your URL is located on, only use the relative URL.   E.g.  If your URL is , enter in /classics. If your link is elsewhere, simply copy the full URL directly in.