Search List

A search list can be used when you have a lot of information that people would be able to look for. Items must have text descriptions and can include picture and links. A common example of a search list is the list of courses offered by academic departments.  To add a search list, click ADD CONTENT, then SEARCH LIST.

  • Search List 1 Full

The following window will appear:

  • Search List 2 Full
  1. Add Item: Click here to add a searchable item to your Search List. See below for more information.

  2. Preview: Click here to see a preview of what your Search List will look like.

  3. Save Changes: Click here to save the changes to your search list.


Click ADD ITEM and your window will expand to look like this:

  • Search List 3 Full
  1. Title: Enter the title of your item. THis is the name by which your item will be searched.

  2. Preview Text: Enter the textthat you wish to be displayed in the search item before a viewer clicks on it.

  3. Content: Enter the text that you wish to be displayed when a viewer clicks on it.

  4. Up Arrow: Move your item up in the order in which it is displayed.

  5. Down Arrow: Move your item down in the order in which it is displayed.

  6. X: Delete your item.


Scroll down for these options:

  • Search List 4 Full

1. Edit Image: Click here to edit the small image displayed next to your search item.

2. Link Title: Enter the title of your link. This will be the text displayed when a viewer hovers his or her mouse over your search link.

3. Link: The URL for the link of your item goes here. If your URL is located on, only use the relative URL.   E.g.  If your URL is , enter in /classics. If your link is elsewhere, simply copy the full URL directly in.