What are Widgets?

Widgets are tools on a webpage that you can use to display useful information. The document below provides a list of all the available widgets, and their intended use. The rest of this page provides an overview of some of the more common widgets.

  • Three columns are used here to present three buttons next to each other, linking the viewer to important content on the site from one place.


Buttons are links with a picture and title. They can be used to emphasize an important link that you want to be more than a simple text hyperlink. Buttons are recommended for use in two or three columns. Buttons look like this:

  • The Card Widget


Cards are links captioned by text and shown larger. By using both pictures and text, cards are useful for giving a preview for a page or story. They may be used in any layout (one, two or three column) and will self-configure to look best in the given column width. Cards look like this:

  • Accordion Picture


Accordions are the most eficient way to organize a large number of links. Best suited for single columns, accordions contain cards which expand when clicked on to display a group of links. Here is a picture of an accordion with an expanded card:

  • Search List Picture


Lastly, searchlists can be used for a lot of information that people might want to search for. These are also recommended for use in single columns. Here is a picture of a search list: