TRUE BLUE Weekend Parking & Transportation 


F&M has ample parking available for all activities on campus during TRUE BLUE Weekend.

Download a pdf of the parking map below. A general campus map is available online.

Parking is available:

  • The lots adjacent to Tylus field
  • College Square after 1 p.m. Saturday
  • The lot west of Alumni Sports and Fitness Center all day Saturday
  • Along Race and College Avenues

F&M Satellite Parking:

  • Clipper Magazine Stadium (parking-entry from Prince Street and Harrisburg Pike)
  • Liberty Place Conference Center and adjacent lots
  • Along Armstrong Blvd
  • Lot located at 299 Manheim Ave., Lancaster PA

Shuttle service will run continually from the satellite parking to campus Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please wait at designated shuttle stops for the shuttle to transport you to campus.

Important Parking note:

The lots located behind College Row and adjacent to College Square retailers are reserved for residents and customers patronizing those businesses. A parking attendant will monitor the lots Friday and Saturday. The College strongly suggests that you make use of other available parking. Towing is enforced.

Please note: Absolutely no tailgating in any of the parking areas.