Let's Explore Lancaster!

If you and your family find yourself with a little extra time to explore the area after you visit campus, here are some resources to help guide your tour. Happy visiting!

City of Lancaster

Lancaster City, with a population of 60,000, is a place where historic preservation and a thriving arts scene live side by side.

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The Arts Scene

Lancaster City’s art galleries and museums are a popular destination—in a walkable, safe city center—for visitors from all over.

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Ready to Eat?

Lancaster City is home to more than 100 restaurants, cafes and eateries featuring food from around the world.

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F&M in Lancaster

Story 11/11/2022

F&M Compost Co-Op Diverts Costs and CO2 in Lancaster

A College compost initiative has evolved into a co-op saving the City of Lancaster $5,215 per year – all while diverting 16,638 pounds of food waste from the solid-waste stream each month.

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Story 8/3/2022

Students Uncover Lancaster’s Secret Side

Follow along on the Lancaster Vice History tour.  F&M students travel back in time to explore reform group efforts to curb prostitution, gambling and liquor law violations in the 1900s.

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Story 7/1/2022

Students Pitch Wellness Initiatives to City of Lancaster

Go behind the scenes as entrepreneurial F&M students tackle some of Lancaster's biggest health and wellness challenges.

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