Our Biggest FANs

FAN: Franklin & Marshall Admission Network

Volunteer alumni and parents from around the nation serve as ambassadors for the College as part of the Franklin & Marshall Admission Network (FAN), which builds community among past, present and future students and parents of F&M and promotes the benefits of an F&M education to prospective students and their parents. FAN volunteers represent F&M at college fairs, host or attend admission events, build relationships with prospective students in their regions and host welcome events for students who plan to attend F&M. Regional team leaders oversee the efforts of our more than 580 volunteers and help coordinate FAN’s 37 regions across the country.

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Want to learn more?

Contact FAN Coordinator Mary Manacher at (717) 358-4619 or mary.manacher@fandm.edu, or Admission Assistant Donna Sheehan at (717) 358-4407 or donna.sheehan@fandm.edu.

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Meet the FAN Board

We are grateful to our FAN Board members for their dedication and service to the College and its prospective students. Current Board members are listed below: 

  • Claudia Pace '89 P'20 P'22

    Claudia Pace '89 P'20 P'22 Image

    Claudia Pace '89 P'20 P'22

  • Robert Schlossberg '79, P'14, Chair

    Robert Schlossberg '79, P'14, Chair Image

    Robert Schlossberg '79, P'14, Chair



  • John Greene '99

    John Greene '99 Image

    John Greene '99, F&M Trustee


  • Catherine Jasons '76

    Catherine Jasons '76 Image

    Catherine Jasons '76


  • Peter Landau '90 P'20

    Peter Landau '90 P'20


  • Samuel Schmader '12

    Samuel Schmader '12



  • Weston Fillman '11

    Weston Fillman '11 

Meet Your Regional Team Leaders

Each Regional Team Leader (RTL) organizes the volunteers for their respective region(s). We are grateful to each of our RTLs for making the work of FAN possible. Regional Team Leaders for our 37 regions are listed below:

  • New York (Upstate)

    Leader: Margaret Quinn
    Email: topkenquinn91@verizon.net

  • New York Metro 3 (Manhattan)

    Leader: Athena Tahos '14  


  • New York Metro 2 (Bronx)

    Athena Tahos '14

  • New York Metro 1 (Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens)

    Athena Tahos '14

  • New York (Long Island)

    Kimberly Herder '10

  • New York (Westchester & Rockland Counties)

    Jim Campbell '78

  • Southern New Jersey

    Lisa Cohen P'19 P'23

  • Central New Jersey

    Christi Cayea '98

  • Bergen County, NJ

    Leader: Richard ("Chip") Murphy '84

    Email: rmurphy560@aol.com

  • Northern New Jersey

    Leader: Mollie Van Horne '77

    Email: van7horne@gmail.com

  • Eastern Maryland

    Tran Doan '18

  • Western Maryland

    Tran Doan '18

  • Western Pennsylvania

    Would you like to be an RTL for this region?  Contact Mary Manacher '81.

  • Central Pennsylvania (including Lancaster County)

    Leader: Bill Curtis '61 

    Email: Bill.Curtis@frontiernet.net

  • Chester & Montgomery Counties, PA

    Leader: Catherine Jasons '76

    Email: cjasons@kjmsh.com

  • Philadelphia

    Leader: Austin Williams '07

    Email: adwilliams5@gmail.com

  • South-Central Pennsylvania

    Leader: Ilknur Sancak-Marusa '94

    Email: ilknur@themarusas.com

  • Delaware & Delaware County, PA

    Would you like to be an RTL for this region?  Contact Mary Manacher '81.


  • Northeast Pennsylvania

    Leader: Katharine Targett Gross '10   

  • Eastern Connecticut & Rhode Island

    Greg Mackinnon '11

  • Western Connecticut

    Greg Mackinnon '11

  • Massachusetts

    Samantha Ngo '12

  • Massachusetts (Suffolk and Middlesex Counties)

    Leader: Tony Kreisel '66

    Email: tonykreis@aol.com

  • New England

    Jen Britton P'16

  • Washington, D.C., Alexandria, VA, and Arlington, VA

    Leader:  Laurie Barth '12 & Sam Schmader '12


  • The Virginias (excluding Alexandria & Arlington)

    Leader:  Eileen Ellis '95  

  • Mid-West

    Leader:  Peter Landau '90, P'20  


  • Northern Mid-West

    Peter Landau '90, P'20


  • Northern Florida

    Leader: Michell Lui '04
    Email: michelleslui@gmail.com 

  • Florida (Miami & Suburbs) and Puerto Rico

    Leader: Wendy Bravo '09

    Email: wbravo26@gmail.com

  • South Central Coast

    Leader: Arilel Eland '14    

  • Pacific Northwest

    Leader: Lisa Lehman '01

    Email: lisa@djresourcesinc.com


  • Northern California

    Leader:  Wes Fillman '11 



  • Southern California

    Would you like to be an RTL for this region?  Contact Mary Manacher '81

  • Southwest

    Leader: Lynda Shely '83

    Email: lynda@shelylaw.com


  • Texas (Dallas and suburbs)

    Leader: Rebecca O'Hara '99

    Email: rebeccamohara@gmail.com


  • Texas (Houston and suburbs)

    Leader: Lisa Brooks '85, P'16

    Email: htownlisa@gmail.com