Oct. 24, 2022:
Deadline to Register 

Register to Vote in Pennsylvania

Your enrollment as an F&M student makes you eligible to vote in Lancaster elections; of course, you must also be a US citizen, and be at least 18 years of age by the time of the upcoming election.

  • F&M Votes does in-class drives for some first-year classes. If you don't see us, check out our sample registration form, and then...

  • Pick up a blank registration form in the ITS Innovation Zone (basement of Harris), the Steinman College Center Info Desk, or the Shad-Fack and Martin Libraries. At those locations, you will also find a dropbox for completed forms.

  • You can also download and print out our sample registration form and the blank registration form. Drop your completed form off at one of the locations above.

  • If you are a PA resident with a PennDOT Driver's License or ID, you can register at votesPA.com. Be sure to use 415 Harrisburg Ave, Lancaster PA 17603 as your physical address. That will ensure you are in the correct voting precinct with your peers.