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Our motto is socii mundi, translated as compatriots with an interest in the world. It is our call to join together in our House community to pursue knowledge and truth.

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The Pulse of  Weis

Story 3/21/2023

In the Crosstalk—Race, Racism and Pain

Senior Amira Henry will discuss racial dehumanization, one of three projects at a student-led panel for the March 25 conference, “Imagining African and African-diaspora Futures."

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Story 2/8/2023

‘F&M Really Made My Dreams Come True’: Meet Gyana Guity ’24

F&M junior Gyana Guity wants you to spot her name lining bookstore shelves and on the silver screen at the end of a movie she wrote. “I have big goals,” she said. 

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Story 11/7/2022

Searching for ‘Cosmic Lighthouse’ Signals

Six F&M students, using decades old data, are searching the sky for elusive pulsars, which spin as much as 100 times per second while sending pulsed radio signals.

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