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Our motto is socii mundi, translated as compatriots with an interest in the world. It is our call to join together in our House community to pursue knowledge and truth.

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We welcome you to attend our House events (and also to book your own event in Weis). House events are listed on the Weis College House calendar.

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The Pulse of  Weis

Story 6/15/2018

Conservation Paleobiology: What’s Natural in the Ocean

Five Franklin & Marshall College students and Assistant Professor of Geosciences Paul Harnik boarded boats along the Louisiana and Alabama coasts and sailed hours into the Gulf of Mexico to collect...

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Story 5/2/2018

Senior Spotlight: Enjoyed Transformative Journey that Shaped...

As she prepares for the May 12 Commencement Ceremony, F&M senior Shakeyla Flores looks back at her four years on campus—and what's next.

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Story 4/30/2018

Senior Spotlight: Her Dedication Brought a Golden Year in...

As she prepares for the May 12 Commencement ceremony, F&M senior Alyssa  Ward looks back at her four years on campus—and what's next. 

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