Weis College House Don and Dean

Don Dorothy Merritts

Weis College House Don

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  • Melissa Giess, Weis College House Dean

Melissa Giess

Assistant Dean of the College
Weis College House Dean 
(717) 358 4391

Weis Assembly of Peers

Chair:  Kelly Minard, 2021

Vice Chair: Angelica Camilo, 2021


Secretary: Roxanne Schleif, 2021

Weis House Advisors 

House Advisors assist new members in making the transition to college life and the house system. They possess the knowledge and skills to lead successful orientation groups. Their commitment, creativity and enthusiasm help ensure the vitality of the orientation program. During the academic year the House Advisors live in proximity to their seminar group acting as advisor and mentor to these first year members. Weis House Advisors promote a comfortable environment for house members by promoting an understanding of College Policy and House Rules and ensuring that resident's rights and responsibilities are upheld. Weis HAs have the responsibility of reporting breaches of College Policy and House Rules as well as participating in the House's duty system.