Alice Drum Women's Center Student Board 2018-2019


An image of Jo smiling and looking just past the camera.

Jo Bear, she/her, Class of 2021

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Theatre Joint Major

Jo is an intern at the Alice Drum Women's Center as well as a Student Staffer at Writers House. An unapologetic nerd, she has a deep love for queer theory, sports, musical theatre,  and chocolate cake.




A photo of Ivanna in a white shift and light gray skirt smiling into the camera.

Ivanna Hernandez, she/her, Class of 2019

Psychology and Anthropology Double Major

Ivanna is involved in Dance Team and Dance Company as well as First Generation Diplomats. Fun fact: She is fluent in American Sign Language! 





  • A photo of Julia standing on the balcony overlooking a beautiful city. She is wearing a black coat and smiling broadly.

Julia Kopala, she/her, Class of 2020

Sociology Major

Julia has been actively involved in SISTERS and Active Minds throughout her time at F&M. She is passionate about creating campus-wide awareness and advocacy for mental health issues. 



A photo of Laura smiling into the camera.

Laura Sabatino, she/her, Class of 2019

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies and English Literature Joint Major

Laura served as an intern at the Alice Drum Women's Center her freshman year and directed the school production of "The Vagina Monologues" both her sophomore and junior year.





A photo of Christina wearing a long-sleeved white top with her hair over one shoulder smiling into the camera.

Phuong Quynh "Christina" Tran, she/her, Class of 2020

Christina is a current junior at Franklin and Marshall College majoring in Public Health on the Government track. She was born in Saigon, Vietnam, but currently resides in Greencastle, PA. On campus, she is involved in a few different organizations such as S.I.S.T.E.R.S., Asian American Alliance, and First Generation Diplomats. She was the Vice President of Finance for the Sophomore Class Board, previously; but currently, she is the Treasurer of the Diplomatic Congress and the Assistant Chair Club Council.


A photograph of Keyla wearing a black turtleneck and gray slacks and staring off into the distance.

Keyla Ynoa, she/her, Class of 2019 

Sociology Major and English Minor

Keyla is not only a board member for the Alice Drum Women’s Center, but a spoken word poet through LIFT and an on-campus activist. She successfully spear-headed an initiative to bring the first historically Black Greek letter organization to ever exist on F&M’s campus and is using her John Marshall fellowship to research the bodily impact of depression in the Black community. 


A photo of Marcy in front of a row of small Pride flags

Marcela Pajares Berger, she/her, Class of 2021

English, Creative Writing Track and Spanish Double Major and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

Marcy is from Guatemala City, Guatemala but resides in Los Angeles, California. She loves nature, reading, rugby, and some good vegetables. 




A photo of Emma sitting on the grass smiling and wearing a sleeveless top and blue jeans.

Emma Kapner, she/her, Class of 2019

Film and Media Studies and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Double Major

Emma is currently the Co-President of Students Against Sexual Violence and an intern at the Alice Drum Women's Center. She loves cooking, horror movies, and long walks on the beach.




A photo of Leilani holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands in front of a green wall.

Leilani Ly, she/her, Class of 2021

Sociology and Psychology Double Major

Leilani loves wasting away late nights talking with friends, singing in the shower, and wearing flip flops in the winter. On campus, when she's not working on the ADWC's rad feminist agenda, you can find her tutoring at the Writing Center, leading a Bible study with InterVarsity, or mentoring a high school senior with the Squash ACES program.


A photo of Sarah staring into the camera with a slight smile wearing a light gray scarf and yellow jacket.

Sarah Silverstein, she/they, Class of 2019

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Major

Sarah recently returned to campus from a semester abroad in the Netherlands and Morocco where they were studying international perspectives on gender and sexuality.  Sarah is involved with the Arts House and College Entertainment Committee. They will be graduating this coming Spring and are hoping to pursue a Masters in social work.


  • A photo of Ella in front of a red building smiling enthusiastically at the camera with her hair pulled over her shoulder.

Ella Walker, she/her, Class of 2020

Sociology and Spanish Double Major and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

In addition to being on the ADWC Board Ella is a co-president of VWarriors, volunteers for SquashACES and take lots of naps.




A photo of Arianna looking into the camera in front of a colorful background.

Arianna Felix, she/her, Class of 2021

Public Policy and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Joint Major and Spanish Minor

Arianna is from Tucson, Arizona and is very passionate about civil and social justice, especially concerning Latinas, hoping to create documentaries in the future. She is currently the Vice President for Mi Gente Latina and am a member of several other clubs including Asian American Alliance, Define American, Women’s Wrestling, and First Generation Diplomats. 

A photograph of Allison smiling warmly at the camera with a dog in her lap.

Allison Klei, she/her, Class of 2021

Intended English, Creative Writing Track and Environmental Studies Joint Major

When Allison is not in the ADWC, she can be found at Writers House (she is employed there), flying rainbow squid kites, reading, asking questions, studying, playing soccer, searching the streets of Lancaster for interesting things/hubcaps, collecting rocks, or attempting to build the world's longest can telephone. 

A photo of E sitting by a window and looking out the window to their left. There are a number of plants in front of them.

E Marcovitz, they/them, Class of 2020

Sociology and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Joint Major

In addition to being on the board of the ADWC, E is also on the board of the Sexuality and Gender Alliance and the president of the Environmental Action Alliance.



  • A photo of Jonny wearing glasses and staring stoically up at the sky.

Jonathan Teklit, he/him, Class of 2020

Psychology and English, Creative Writing Track Joint Major

Jonny is from Alexandria, Virginia, despite having lived the vast majority of his life in Dubai. President of both the poetry club, LIFT, and the improv club, The Rumspringas, he hopes to one day be a published writer. If you go to the center on any given day, you'll likely find him there. If not, he may be watching a movie, dancing in his room, or rambling about his favorite poet to someone foolish enough to listen.


A photo of Sarah smiling and reaching out to pet two goats.

Sarah Ye, she/her, Class of 2020

English, Creative Writing Track Major

Sarah is a member of Asian American Alliance, Black Student Union, Mi Gente Latina, Student Workers Union, SAVE, LIFT, and she is an HA for Weis. She also volunteers with Clare Kids, Creative Writing Corps, and the Vivarium, although the Vivarium's monkeys do not compare to her loyal dog, Sugar.