Alice Drum Women's Center Student Board 2019-2020 

A photo of Sheryl looking into the camera.

Sheryl Apunte, she/her, Class of 2021

Spanish and Theater Double Major

I am involved in the Alice Drum's Women's Center e-board, Director of Social Engagement for Mi Gente Latina, S.I.S.T.E.R.S, a Mentoring Advisor for New College House, and a Posse Scholar on F&M's campus. I'm passionate about women's issues and being an ally to minority groups on and outside of campus, I also love cats!


A photo of Elisjana in front of an expansive view of a city.

Elisjana Beqiri, she/her, Class of 2020

Government Major

I am a Posse Scholar from the Bronx, New York. I'm involved in Brooks House Congress and the Investing Club at F&M. I traveled to over 10 European countries studying EU politics last Fall! I enjoy thrift shopping, poetry slams and guessing peoples astrological signs! 

A photo of Tamara facing away from the camera with an adorable dog.

Tamara Conner, she/her, Class of 2021

Studio Art Major and Psychology Minor

I am a Cooperman College Scholar and an animal lover.







A photo of Luna in front of a cityscape.

Yueqing “Luna” Fu, she/her, Class of 2020

Government Major and English Minor

I am from Nanjing, China, but reside in New York City. I previously served as an intern at the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMCA). The literary styles that interest me include, but are not limited to, modernism and magical realism.


A photograph of Allison smiling warmly at the camera with a dog in her lap.

Allison Klei, she/her, Class of 2021

Environmental Studies and English, Creative Writing Track

Allison Klei is a joint major in Environmental Studies and Creative Writing because she values both internal and external worlds. When Allison is not in the ADWC, she can be found at the Writing Center, Writers House, flying rainbow squid kites, reading, asking questions, studying, searching the streets of Lancaster for interesting things, collecting rocks, burying time capsules, or attempting to build the world's longest can telephone. 

A photo of Leilani holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands in front of a green wall.

Leilani Ly, she/her, Class of 2021

Sociology Major and Psychology Minor

Leilani loves wasting away late nights talking with friends, singing in the shower, and wearing flip flops in the winter. Most recently, she has started to genuinely enjoy the taste of black coffee (which she views as both a huge accomplishment and a personal defeat).




A photo of Sandra staring into the camera.

Sandra Sanchez, she/her, class of 2020

English, Creative Writing Track Major

Sandra is the president of First Generation Diplomats, and is a literary & layout editor for Epilogue. When asked to describe herself, she will tell you she's a cloud pretending to be human. It's okay if the cloud thing is confusing. She doesn't really get it either. 





A photo of Ella in front of a red building smiling enthusiastically at the camera with her hair pulled over her shoulder.

Ella Walker, she/her, Class of 2020

Sociology and Spanish Double Major and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

In addition to being on the ADWC Board, Ella is an intern for The Women's Business Center at ASSETS, volunteers for SquashACES, and take lots of naps.


A photo of Jo in front of the ocean looking past the camera and smiling broadly.

Jo Bear, she/her, Class of 2021

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Theater Joint Major

Jo is an intern at the Alice Drum Women's and LGBTQ+ Center as well as being involved in different capacities with various theatrical productions around campus. An unapologetic nerd, she has a deep love for queer and disability theory, poetry in all its forms, sports, musical theatre, knitting, and chocolate cake.


A Polaroid photo of Vi smiling at the camera.

Vi Bui, she/her, Class of 2021

International Studies and Government Joint Major and Spanish Minor

Vi is currently the president of Asian American Alliance and the educational director of Liberty in North Korea. She is also a part of Mi Gente Latina and F&M Films. In her free time, she enjoys film photography. 

A photo of Shannon with her arms spread wide and smiling in front of the National Museum for African American History and Culture.

Shannon Cunningham, she/her, Class of 2021

English, Creative Writing Track and Scientific and Philosophical Studies of the Mind, Moral Psychology Track Joint Major and Italian Studies Minor

In addition to being on the ADWC Board, Shannon is the Public Relations and Marketing Chair of the College Entertainment Committee, a member of the Alumni Arts Review Editorial Board, and a College Center Manager. You can find Shannon eating a Fancy Grilled Cheese from Freinschaft Market while admiring pictures of her cat, Sushi. 

A photo of Kaycee looking into the camera.

Kaycee Green, she/her, Class of 2020

English, Creative Writing Track Major

Kaycee's on-campus affiliations include the Black Student Union, First Generation Diplomats, the Sexuality and Gender Alliance, and SISTERS. 



A photo of Julia smiling into the camera.

Julia Kopala, she/her, Class of 2020

Sociology Major

Alongside the ADWC, I am working for Mental Health America of Lancaster County where I am learning about the wider community and pursuing one of my biggest passions. 






A photo of E sitting by a window and looking out the window to their left. There are a number of plants in front of them.

E Marcovitz, they/them, Class of 2020

Sociology and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Double Major

In addition to being a member of the ADWC board, E works for the F&M Center for the Sustainable Environment and is one of the house managers of the Sustainability House. Some of their favorite pass-times include: doing jigsaw puzzles, listening to podcasts, reading theory, making & collecting zines, and going for walks.

A photo of Jonny wearing glasses and staring stoically up at the sky.

Jonathan Teklit, he/him, Class of 2020

Psychology and English, Creative Writing Track Joint Major

Jonny is from Alexandria, Virginia, despite having lived the vast majority of his life in Dubai. President of the poetry club, LIFT, a member of the improv club, The Rumspringas, and a staff member of the Writers House, his dreams of being a published, working writer are slowly coming true. If you go to the women's center on any given day, you'll likely find him there. If not, he may be watching a movie, dancing in his room, or rambling about his favorite poet to someone foolish enough to listen.

A photo of Sarah smiling and reaching out to pet two goats.

Sarah Ye, she/her, Class of 2020

English, Creative Writing Track Major

Sarah is the Head HA of Weis College House, a team leader for monkey training in the Vivarium, and the secretary of LIFT. She is also involved in the Black Student Union and Asian American Alliance.


A photo of Coral standing in front of a wall of multicolor flowers and smiling past the camera.

Coral Bello-Martinez, she/her, Class of 2020

English, Creative Writing Track Major and Africana Studies Minor

In addition to being a proud member of the Women's Center board, Coral also holds executive positions in clubs such as the BSU and LIFT, and organizations such as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Coral enjoys long walks to Central Market, rewatching The Office, and changing the world one step at a time. 

A photo of Marcy sitting at a table and smiling into the camera.

Marcela Pajares Berger, she/her, Class of 2021

English, Creative Writing Track and  Spanish Double Major 

Marcy is: reading a book somewhere on campus, writing, playing rugby, spreading hella body positivity, advocating for intersectionality, using her loud Latina voice, smashing the patriarchy, or eating some good vegetables. 

A photo of Arianna sitting in front of a tree and smiling.

Arianna Felix, she/her, Class of 2021

Public Policy and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Joint Major and Spanish Minor

Arianna is from the sunny desert in Tucson, Arizona. She is very passionate about civil and social justice, especially concerning Latinas. She is currently the Vice President for Mi Gente Latina and is a member of several other multicultural clubs and organizations including the Volleyball Club, Dance Company, and First Generation Diplomats. She is someone who you will always catch smiling around campus.

A photo of Glory lying on their elbows and smiling into the camera.

Glory Jacquat, they/them, Class of 2022

Environmental Studies and Music Double Major 

Outside of the ADWC, I am a leader for the Outdoor Gear Rental Program, involved in Orchestra, Philharmonia, and a string trio, as well as work in the Paleo lab! Fun fact: This summer I got to visit Yosemite for the first time and backpack to Ostrander Lake!

A photo of Grace laughing.

Grace Lewis, she/her, Class of 2022

English, Creative Writing Track and American Studies Joint Major and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor

Grace is an avid fan of writing and has written several articles for The College Reporter in her time at F&M.  You can usually find her at the Writer’s House, or curled up somewhere taking a nap at any given time. 




A photo of Zihui smiling into the camera in front of a multicolor background.

Zihui Ni, she/her, Class of 2020

Psychology and Math Double Major

I'm working as a Diplomat Health Advocate and I'm the alternate HA in New College House. I love music, nature and hugs!





A photo of Christina sitting on the ground and smiling at the camera.

Christina Tran, she/her, Class of 2020

Public Health, Government Track

Christina has previously held multiple student leadership positions on campus. Along with Club Council, S.I.S.T.E.R.S, and Asian American Alliance, she is excited to be returning to the Alice Drum Women’s Center Board to continue her social activism with other passionate F&Minists. As a Pisces, the color blue holds a particularly significant meaning in her life, but her passion for humanity motivates and fuels her which is even more evident through Christina’s work.