Alice Drum Women's Center Student Board 2020-2021

A photo of Ojima smiling just past the camera.

Ojima Abraham, he/him,  Class of 2023

Computer Science and Mathematics Double Major

I am from Abuja, Nigeria; I am a first-generation student who is interested in tech and social justice.

Favorite F&Minist(s): Kamakshi Shah and Arianna Felix









A photo of Eniyah smiling at the camera.

Eniyah Brown-Moore,  she/her, Class of 2022

English, Literature Track Major

In addition to serving on the ADWC student board, Eniyah serves as the 2020-21 campus ambassador for Teach for America as well as an exec. board member for the Black Student Union. Off Campus, she serves as the secretary for the Education Committee of NAACP-Lancaster and volunteers at local organizations. Eniyah is an avid fan of Afro-surrealism, horror movies, and hikes in the early morning!

Favorite F&Minist: Beyoncé

A photo of Tamara looking into the camera.

Tamara Conner, she/her, Class of 2021

Studio Art Major

Tamara Conner is a Cooperman College Scholar. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, climbing trees, and reading poetry. She can also be seen roller skating down streets.

Favorite F&Minist: Indya Moore





A photo of Emily looking into the camera.

Emily Ellsworth, she/her, Class of 2022

Sociology and Music Major

In addition to the ADWC board I’m a member of the rugby team, chamber singers and MUS. I love learning to play new instruments, drinking tea and winning at board games. I hope to become a teacher so I can spread self love and acceptance to future generations.

Favorite F&Minist: Women's Rugby Team





A photo of Glory smiling into the camera.

Glory Jacquat, they/them, Class of 2022

Environmental Studies Major

Aside from being a proud member of the ADWC board, Glory interns for the Center for the Sustainable Environment and is a cellist across campus. They enjoy rollerblading and being engulfed in music.

Favorite F&Minist: Coral Bello



A photo of Leilani sitting in front of an expansive view and smiling.

Leilani Ly, she/her, Class of 2021

Sociology Major

Outside of the ADWC, you can find Leilani tutoring at the Writing Center, sitting on the e-board for Asian American Alliance, and TA-ing for SOC Research Methods. She is terrible at finishing Netflix shows, great at making a delicious mess in the kitchen, and can never resist a good, long conversation.

Favorite F&Minist: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 





A photo of Lauren smiling from inside a hammock.

Lauren Proffitt, she/her, Class of 2023

Undecided Major

Lauren is a sophomore from Lancaster, PA. She loves making art, finding plants for her room, and going on camping trips! She likes reading when she remembers to turn off Netflix and naming playlist with only emojis.

Favorite F&Minist: Aurora Levins Morales


A photo of Sheryl smiling under a balloon in the shape of the number 21.

Sheryl Apunte, she/her, Class of 2021

Spanish and Theater Double Major

Sheryl is a proud first-generation latinx from the Bronx, NY. Aside from being on the ADWC student board, Sheryl is currently co-president of Mi Gente Latina, a POSSE scholar, and a member of several other organizations on campus including S.I.S.T.E.R.S, Diplomatic Congress, F&M Players and more. Sheryl hopes to graduate and continue her passion for education and mentorship by becoming a teacher. She deeply loves (in no particular order): her cat Milly, studying latinx theater and the indigenous people of South America, cultivating spaces with those around her to discuss and help understand the world through a intersectional feminist lens, and mac n cheese bites!

Favorite F&Minist(s): Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Arianna Felix

A photo of Vi looking into the camera.

Vi Bui, she/her, Class of  2021

International Studies and Government Joint Major and Spanish Minor

Vi is the senior advisor for Asian American Alliance and a member of the Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society. In her free time, she enjoys shooting film photography, watching movies, listening to music, thrifting, and doing yoga.

Favorite F&Minist: Audre Lorde



A photo of Nicolas wearing a suit jacket and smiling into the camera.

Nicolas Cortez, he/they, Class of 2022

American Studies Major

I am currently President of I.M.P.A.C.T (Intelligent Men Purposefully Accomplishing College Together) and a New York Posse Scholar. I joined the ADWC to continue my passion for radical change through community based education. Outside of F&M I have been involved in womxn’s empowerment, immigrant rights, BIPOC-centered LGBTQ+ organizations. I enjoy watching anime, reading, and making art on my free time.

Favorite F&Minist:  Assata Shakur

A photo of Arianna smiling and looking into the camera.

Arianna Felix, she/her, Class of 2021

Public Policy and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Joint Major and Spanish Minor

Arianna is from the sunny desert in Tucson, Arizona. She is very passionate about civil and social justice, especially concerning Latinas. She is currently one of the co-Presidents for Mi Gente Latina and is a member of several other multicultural clubs and organizations including the Volleyball Club, Dance Company, and First Generation Diplomats. She is someone who you will always catch smiling around campus.

Favorite F&Minist: Taina Perez '20

A photo of Allison in front of a mountain looking into the camera.

Allison Klei, she/her, Class of 2021

Environmental Studies and English, Creative Writing Track Joint Major

When Allison is not in the ADWC, she can be found tutoring at the Writing Center, hanging out in Writers House, flying kites, reading, studying, searching the streets of Lancaster for interesting things, collecting rocks, burying time capsules, or attempting to build the world's longest can telephone.

Favorite F&Minist: Audre Lorde

A photo of Maritza standing in front of a city skyline and looking into the camera.

Maritza Marquez, she/her, Class of 2023

Psychology and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Joint Major

On-campus, apart from being part of the Alice Drum Women’s Center, Maritza is a Bonchek House Advisor, the Campus Liaison for First-Generation Diplomats, and a member of Mi Gente Latina. Apart from her campus involvement, Maritza loves to watch tv, go camping/hiking, ride roller coasters, and watch the sunset while listening to the best movie soundtracks of all time.

Favorite F&Minist: Malala Yousafzai



A photo of Brenna starring out a window and smiling.

Brenna Schlechter, she/her, Class of 2023

Intended Psychology Major

In addition to being on the ADWC board, I am involved in French Club, and I am a monkey trainer at the Vivarium. In my free time, you'll either find me with a camera in front of my face trying to capture everything I see, listening to music, or at some aesthetically-pleasing coffee shop (but usually it's a combination of all three of those things). I also love beautiful places, specifically with mountains, so naturally the most amazing place I've visited is Banff National Park in Canada.

Favorite F&Minist: Michelle Obama


A photo of Jo Bear sitting in a tree and looking just past the camera.

Jo Bear,  she/her, Class of 2021

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Theater Joint Major

Jo has been interning at the Alice Drum Women's and LGBTQ+ Center since her sophomore year and is almost always orbiting F&M's theater productions in different capacities. She has a deep and abiding love for queer and disability theory, poetry in all its forms, sports, musical theatre and baking bread and can usually be found dreaming of the ocean.

Favorite F&Minist: Angela Davis





A photo of Lauren smiling in a field of sunflowers.

Lauren Carlson, she/her, Class of 2023

Government and Psychology Joint Major

Alongside the ADWC, Lauren is the secretary of Kite and Keys a cappella group, a member of Chi Omega, and works at Blue Line Cafe! She is a passionate person who loves surrounding herself with badass feminists! On a given day, you can likely find her at the dog park or hanging out with some of her favorite ladies.

Favorite F&Minist: Emma Watson (and also Hermione Granger!)



A photo of Shannon smiling into the camera.

Shannon Cunningham, she/her, Class of 2021

English, Creative Writing Track and Scientific and Philosophical Studies of the Mind, Moral Psychology Track Joint Major and Italian Studies Minor

In addition to being on the ADWC Board, Shannon is a member of the College Entertainment Committee, the Alumni Arts Review Editorial Board, and is a College Center Manager. You can find Shannon eating a Fancy Grilled Cheese from Freinschaft Market while admiring pictures of her cat, Sushi.

Favorite F&Minist: Toni Morrison

A photo of Chi smiling into the camera.

Chi Huynh, she/her, Class of 2023

Biology Major

Reader, Dancer and a happy go lucky girl. When I am not studying, practicing or having a philosophical moment, I can be found petting the nearest four legged friend.

Favorite F&Minist: FKA Twigs






A photo of Grace smiling into the camera.

Grace Lewis, she/her, Class of 2022

American Studies and English, Creative Writing Track Joint Major

Grace is from Seattle, Washington and loves being at F&M! She is enthusiast of Mamma Mia, the color yellow, and reading whenever she can. Grace loves writing and can usually be found somewhere cozy curled up scribbling in her notebook—if she is not already taking a nap!

Favorite F&Minist: Jane Austen

A photo of Gabby flipping a skateboard toward the camera and smiling.

Gabby Monaco, they/them, Class of 2022

Neuroscience Major

Gabby Monaco is from NY (no, not the city, unfortunately). During her time here at F&M, she has been involved in Phi Sigma Pi as the fundraising committee head, SAGA, and Bonchek House Congress with various roles throughout the two whole years she has been here. She also likes to say she is a member of club tennis to make her sound athletic even though they never meet. Gabby enjoys spending her time stressing over her neuroscience and pre-med classes, painting (especially shoes for some reason), drinking way too many iced lattes, and roller skating!

Favorite F&Minist: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

A photo of Ashley wearing a blue and green headwrap and smiling into the camera.

Ashley Stewart, she/they, Class of  2023

Intended Special Studies Major in Studio Art, Computer Science and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

I am a quirky human that loves playing video games and eating snacks. I love writing poetry and making people laugh. Sweet and bubbly with pound of fierce (not a pinch). This bio is too short to explain me, but I would love a conversation :)

Favorite F&Minist: Feminist Frequency (Podcast group on YouTube)