Alice Drum Women's & LGBTQ+ Center Student Workers 2020-2021 

  • Arianna smiles at the camera outdoors, with green grass and trees in the background.

Arianna Felix, she/her, Class of 2021 

I am from Tucson, AZ. I am a senior, class of 2021 and a joint major in Public Policy and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Spanish. I am one of the co-Presidents for Mi Gente Latina, an agency head for the Diplomatic Congress, and a member of a few more organizations. I have been interning at the ADWC for the past three years which I love! 

[image description: Arianna looks into the camera smiling. Her body is slightly turned to the right. She is wearing a gray dress and standing in a field of green grass.]

  • Skylar smiles at the camera beside a body of water, some ducks, and a small fountain.

Skylar Rella, they/them, Class of 2021

Sky is a senior from Pittsburgh. Their self-built Special Studies major is called “Identity Politics & the Arts,” combining Theater, Creative Writing, & Sociology; they also minor in Dance. As both a student worker for the Alice Drum Women’s & LGBTQ+ Center as well as the Costume Shop for F&M’s Theater and Dance department, Sky very much enjoys the intersections of and relationships between activism/advocacy and creative processes. 

[image description: Skylar stands on the lower right side of the frame, eyes closed and smiling wide with teeth showing. In black, ankle boot heels, they have one foot up on a gray rock, with one hand on the opposite side in the pocket of dark blue overalls with white stripes, over a black t-shirt, and a lanyard hanging out of the pocket. There is a white scrunchie on the wrist of that hand, and a facemask held in the other hand. On their face are clear-frame glasses. One side of their head has wavy, bleach-blonde hair, while the other side has shorter, dark brown hair. They stand beside a large body of water which takes up the left side of the frame as well as much of the background. In the upper left corner, there is a small fountain within the body of water, and in between the fountain and the person are a few ducks atop the water. Along the top of the frame, behind both the person and fountain, is a dense collection of dark green trees.]


  • Sheryl smiles at the camera, in an outdoor space holding a small pumpkin.

Sheryl Apunte, she/her, Class of 2021

Sheryl has been a student worker at the ADWC/LGBTQ Center for 2 years now. Sheryl is a first generation latinx student from the Bronx, NY. She is also a member of the ADWC Student Board as well as Mi Gente Latina co-president and a member of several other organizations on campus. Sheryl is a double major in Spanish and Theater and she is hoping to continue her love for education and mentorship after college by becoming a teacher. Although she is very nervous to graduate and sad to leave F&M she is really thankful for her chance to study here, the friends and connections she has made, and the ADWC for being her (and many others) safe space on campus. 

[image description: Sheryl looks into the camera smiling, her dark hair is behind her and a single silver hoop earring can be seen on her right ear. She is wearing an orange/red swearing with a black crossbody bag on her left shoulder. She holds a small orange pumpkin in both hands and brings it up to the left side of her face, silver jewlery is on her left wrist. In the background of the photo there is a green field full of small pumpkins and light blue sky with passing white clouds.]

  • Marcela looks at the camera in an outdoor space, surrounded by greenery.

Marcela Pajares Berger, she/her, Class of  2021

Hi! My name is Marcela and I'm a senior double majoring in Creative Writing & Spanish with a minor in WGSS. I love to read feminist works, write, and eat bell peppers. I am currently working on crushing the patriarchy. 

[image description: the background consists of a wall of green leaves. sitting in front is Marcela smiling with her head placed on her hand. her hair is in a bun and she's wearing hoop earrings and a grey tank top]