On March 25, 2019, Franklin & Marshall alumna Bridget McNulty visited the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House to give her talk "13 Ways You Can Use Your Creative Writing Degree." Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, McNulty describes herself as “a writer, a speaker, a content strategist, and a mom.” She has published two books: Strange Nervous Laughter, which began as her thesis at Franklin & Marshall, and How to Live a Happy Life (with a Chronic Illness).

In her talk, McNulty discussed the many ways she has used her Creative Writing degree since her graduation from F&M in 2005. McNulty described her experience of thirteen jobs over the past fourteen years: author, features writer in a magazine, freelance journalist, blogger, audio tour writer, hotel reviewer, travel writer, online editor, editor, co-founder of a website titled “Now Novel,” mommy blogger, content strategist, and creative director. In her experience, McNulty explained, the ability to tell a moving story opens doors: the Creative Writing degree does not limit a writer’s life to publishing novels. McNulty’s writing degree led her all around the world, on helicopter rides and stays in 5-star hotels. It also helped her establish a passion project that provides assistance to those with Diabetes in Cape Town. She even referenced a friend securing a position as "Chief Storyteller" at NASA—a truly impressive feat. McNulty urged the students in the room to ask for what they wanted and be kind to those around them, because they never knew what opportunities could open up.

As a writer myself, hearing McNulty's many career paths was truly inspiring. It was wonderful to see a Franklin & Marshall graduate and previous commune member of the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House teaching current students what possibilities are open to them—any, according to McNulty, if they can write a compelling story.

Lydia Shaw '22 is a Writers House student staff member.