No Words Collective is a creative social justice project. Our goal is to use creative expression to transcend the polarizing discussions that often emerge around discussions of race, gender, and economic class. This index card project started as a way for the F&M community to put into words the things we felt we could not say aloud in the wake of the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner in 2014. Two years later, issues of racial violence, class divide, and gender inequity/violence have only worsened. Today, the project has expanded to include questions about mental health, politics, and daily life at F&M.

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Write what you feel you cannot say aloud about life at F&M: 

These cards were written by students and other members of the Franklin & Marshall community as part of the 2016 Day of Dialogue.


What are you afraid to say aloud at F&M about the presidential election?: