Feminist Flash Fiction Contest

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No Filter Coffee House 

No Filter

No Filter was an entirely student-run coffee house! Founded by Kylie Logan '18 and Francesca Mascolo '18, guests were invited to spend some time either performing or listening to music, poetry, stand-up comedy, or anything in between.


No Words Collective 

F&M's No Words Collective is a creative social justice project that strives to continue a dialogue on campus to increase our sense of community and inclusiveness. By collecting the F&M community's anonymous thoughts,  No Words Collective aims to ignite productive, open, real-world conversations; to give the most vulnerable members of our community a voice; and to use art as a vehicle for wider change.  

This index card project started as a way for the F&M community to put into words the things we felt we could not say aloud in the wake of the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner in 2014. Two years later, issues of racial violence,  class divide, and gender inequity and violence have only worsened. Over time, the project expanded to include questions about mental health, politics, and daily life at F&M.

Writers Resist 
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Inspired by Writers Resist, a nationwide pre-Inaugural reading event hosted on January 15, 2017 by literary organizations around the country, the Writers House hosted its own reading on the themes of justice, freedom, compassion, and resistance. Readers included: Phoebe Ambrosino, Raheem Charles, Meg Day, Kristen Evans, Tamara Goeglein, Le Hinton, Chelsea Reimann, Jeff Steinbrink, Barbara Strasko, Jonathan Teklit, Joanna Underhill, Bendjhi Villiers, Eliot White, and Keyla Ynoa!

The program featured words from artists, thinkers and activists who have championed civil rights across religion, race, gender, class, and nationality, including Langston Hughes, Naomi Shihab Nye, John Milton, James Baldwin, Audre Lord, Allen Ginsberg, Grace Paley, David Rakoff, Zoe Leonard, Adrienne Rich, and more.

Click here for PDFs of all the readings from our January 27, 2017 event.