Sandra Cisneros 

After her visit as the  2019 Mueller Fellow, this past spring Sandra Cisneros reached out to F&M asking if there was something she could do to support the students during the pandemic. She sent this message for the class of 2020

A Message to F&M Students from Sandra Cisneros

Last fall, Cisneros spent two days on F&M’s campus as the 2019 Mueller Fellow and explored immigration policy with her talk “A River of Voices: Documenting the Undocumented” at the College’s Common Hour . Below are two student reations to Sandra's visit.

  • Group photo with Sandra Cisneros at the Writers House.

Sandra was a cloud of a person--a lot like someone else I know with the same name. She seemed to float around in this supernatural air of wisdom, leaving me and a lot of others around her just in awe, eagerly awaiting the next word that would come from her mouth. What struck me about Sandra is just how sensitive, passionate, and spiritual she is. She recalled meeting with a student who told her, "I cried while writing this piece." To which she responded, "Don't you cry while writing everything?" Through her stories, both written and oral, I learned that feeling things intensely is okay, even good, especially when it comes to being a writer. Thank you so much for coming to our school and teaching us how to grow our intuiting skills :)

-Alison Shockley '20


an empathetic heart is hard to find around these parts 

you have traveled, and as your eyes record we get to hear your voice play 

a hero given the recognition she deserves is a step forward to a better world 

the undocumented appreciate you dedicating your voice. You've provided a microphone for them while they never thought they would be on stage 

an eye opener is who you are 

giving wisdom to not just yourself but for all. 

-Ashley Stewart '23